Opinion: Museveni’s stern warning against careerism [is hypocrisy…]

Finally, the NRM needs to expunge the politics of careerism and re-instate the politics of mission-led leadership. It is not just the: “who”. It is, first and foremost, the: “what”? What is to be done for Uganda’s salvation, for Africa’s salvation? Once you remind yourself that the “what” in the case of NRM, means the 4 ideological principles: Patriotism, Pan-Africanism, social-economic transformation and democracy, then, it is easier for you to decide on the “who”.Who is it that seems to understand and adhere to the three principles? Do not intimidate, do not assault, do not insult, do not bribe, but persuade by explaining and exhibiting good conduct” (Museveni, 18.08.2020).

At this point of time in August 2020. A man who has ruled the Republic since 1986. The administration, the government, the Members of Parliament and civil servants are all a reflection of the President. All of the creations of institutions, policies and directives has been made by him or for him. It is not like the system isn’t in the vision of the President.

With this in mind. His speech of “who” and “what”. Goes back long in the lingo of the President. Museveni asked late 1980s and early 1990s. Then he even dropped a book with speeches “What’s Africa’s Problem?”. Therefore, this is following a pattern of this man.

The President have used this argument before to defend his overstaying and lingering in office. That it’s about the causes, the development and wealth creation’s instead of being about him personally. Even if that goes against everything he said and did in early years in office.

The same president that keeps the same entourage and cronies in close association. The National Resistance Movement (NRM) is filled with old relics, people who are having careers at ages when other are forced to retire. The NRM and the Cabinet is filled with old people and meal-ticket politicians. That is all like that, because of how corporate and cash-filled politics has become under his Presidency.

He knows “whose” the problem, but he will not go after himself. That would be out of character. He would never resigned or give way for succession. That will only happen … when he either stops breathing or internal coup d’etat against the man.

Therefore, his final ending and warning to politicians. The type of politicians he has created and awarded. If there wasn’t an incentive to be like that. They would operate like that. They would act differently, because they follow the leader and be examples for the Republic. However, he has made them like this.

He will never take the blame or the responsibility. He is the “who” and the man who never fixed “what”. The man could have appointed “who” and made it possible to fix “what”. Still, there was never a real interest to do so. If so, he wouldn’t need the grants, loans and multi-national organization to cover his tracks. The man knows this and blames for the ways the politicians have become.

President Museveni is the “who” is never solving the “what”. That is why his indispensable and have to continue… and the cycle repeats itself. Peace.

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