Opinion: Nsereko isn’t a visionary, but a populist…

The advantage of a visionary leader like me who dissented the president’s orders to declare a total lockdown is what Kampala needs” Muhammad Nsereko

There is vast difference between a visionary and a populist. Nsereko MP of Kampala Central, the incumbent is running for yet another term in 2021. His first term in office was for the ruling party, National Resistance Movement (NRM) in 2011. The second term he went in as an independent candidate, but is friendly to regime.

In 2013 he was expelled, but got into good graces again in 2015 ahead of the polls. Still, running on the Independent ticket. Something he will continue to do towards the 2021 elections.

To prove his loyalty in 2015 he went after the Jobless Brotherhood. That was a simple plan and proves his not that visionary. When he cannot work for the poor and the ones without work. However, throw them under the bus.

Also, how he went after “Defiance” too. If that is visionary, then the Independent editor Mwenda is mastermind as well. Nevertheless, Nsereko tried to affiliate with the FDC, but ran as an indpendent. While he was dismissive towards the Defiance Campaign. That isn’t someone with a vision, but someone using all tents to in. While he was running with the first family to rallies. That is what he did in 2016.

The same man who has supported the Age Limit and taken all the millions of shillings he could while his in-office. Nsereko have even used slush-funds from the President to gain popularity in the past, Watchdog even reported on that. So, its not like I’m making these sort of things up.

If he was an visionary as he claims. He wouldn’t act like a sheep like most of the MPs. Once in the while he will act smart and say the right thing. Still, that will not stop his leaning towards the NRM. He can rebel now and then, but that doesn’t make him a revolutionary. It just shows that he has some integrity, but most of the times he can bought.

With the knowledge of this. He uses the tag-line “independent” for his benefit, but could easily just be a NRM MP. There is little to no difference between this brother and the rest of them. Only difference is that he takes a moment of fury and comes with valid arguments. Still, that doesn’t stop him from associating with the NRM, but acting different when it fits him.

If he thinks this is special or unique. I hate to tell you its not. If you want to vote for a real independent candidate, do that, but not this fella. This man acts like something, but is initially a lackey. A true independent wouldn’t get a slush fund from the President. However, this dude did that.

Nsereko knows this, but tries act differently. Now he wants people to look at him differently after a decade in office. The Kampala MP wants to look smug, have swagger and be a righteous big-man. However, its the lesson of do what I say, but not what I do. Since, his actions and former activity is far from a visionary. Still, he wants envision himself in this image.

The MP is a populist and nothing else. He wants to play for popular gains. The causes that brings him popularity. The MP isn’t fighting for the weak, the poor and the disfranchised. He actually sometimes fights against them. That is not a visionary, but a populist. A man who rather enrich himself and his cronies, than be there for the ones in need. If he was a visionary, he would have used his position to help the Jobless Brotherhood and not throw them under the bus. However, his the kind that does the latter.

Nsereko can act a fool. He is allowed to do so. But when you lie on-air, I will call you out on it. You have had enough time to prove your character and what sort of leader you are. The track-record speaks for itself. So, don’t act holy, when your a petty thief. If you know, now you know. Peace.

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