Bobi Wine blocked from a radio appearance in Mbale

On the 8th August 2020, the Police Force was ready and had besieged BCU Radio in Mbale, Eastern Uganda. Where Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was scheduled this morning to be on air. Again, the law enforcement has decided to politically engage and block an opposition from entering a media house. As per standard.

We know the drill, they will pin-point the elections road-map and “scientific” elections. We know this. The Police will say they wasn’t informed enough or had the capacity to let him attend. However, they always have enough manpower to block a venue, tear-gas and use live-bullets. Cause a lot of chaos and arrests. Nevertheless, not enough security to ensure the safety of the political opponent of the President. No, that they don’t prioritize. It is less costs to cause possible harm and make arbitrary arrests.

While this is happening to Bobi Wine, we know that the National Resistance Movement are holding rallies, are campaigning in their districts and using their roles as Ministers and MPs to give gifts, donate and start their campaigns for 2021.

So, there is a clear double standard. Where the Movement are above the rest. They are the anointed, who can act above guidelines and the laws of the land, while the opposition have to abide and even when they do. They are not allowed. There voices are silenced and their place to in prison of their own homes. Since, they should not dare to aim at the throne.

Bobi Wine is a prime example of that. A man who tries to campaign, tries to hold radio shows, but is not allowed. Paying to be on-air, but radios are either blocked, authorities saying “no” or his arrested for trying.

Today, he was blocked. God knows what happens tomorrow. But this is a familiar game and its systematic. The political police force is in full effect and today it hit Bobi Wine. Peace.

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