Ouattara waged a civil war against a third term [and now his running for it]

If there is a brother on the continent, if there is a head of state, which shouldn’t run for a third term. Alassane Ouattara who ran a campaign and supposedly won in November 2010. Which was contested and the second round the state rigged it for a third term for Laurent Gbagbo. A man who has served time after violence against humanity and has returned to the Republic of Ivory Coast.

Now, because the man that Ouattara had named his successor died recently. He has this week said his running for the Presidency yet again. By doing this, he is running for the third term. A thing that he went to war to stop.

Gbagbo tried to cling on to power. In a manner, which created big massacres and Ouattara used a para-military approach to hunt after Gbagbo people. There was a four month long civil-war. Ouattara used military means for months o ensure that he got power after the elections in 2010.

Now, the man who did this in early 2011. Why are you doing the same thing in the middle of 2020? While making it impossible for former Prime Minister Guillaume Kigbafori Soro to run in 2020. This is just the same sort thing of previous leadership would do and him in exile says a lot.

So, if Ouattara went to civil war for an old man staying to long in power and rigging himself into power for a third time. It doesn’t help his cause, that he blocks a big-shot opposition in exile. His just another brother misusing his office and extending his reign by all means. Yes, for a hot minute there was a successor, but he doesn’t have trust in anyone else to takeover from him now?

That Ouattara is running for the 31st October 2020. This is hist third term now. He made himself a New Force to force Gbagbo out of office. Now, he is not willing to concede and let others run. That is why I am mentioning Soro, because his the proof that his abiding by the same principals as Gbagbo did. At this point … Ouattara is willing to do the same to stay in power.

To cling to power. Just a decade later his doing the same thing. Surely, his willing to make another war to be the man in office. So, if he claimed Gbagbo was a criminal and a killer. I am sure that Ouattara could do the same to stay here he is.

Ivory Coast deserves better. Ouattara will only create speculation, if he was sincere to let ex-Prime Minister Gon Coulibaly’s untimely death. If he was involved in it or had a hand in it. As it is so fitting for him to get yet another term.

While we know, that Ouattara will not have accepted that in the end of 2010 or in early 2011. However, he expect people to cheer for him in 2020. When his doing the same and blocking the ones who are a force to be reckoned with. If he was anticipating a walkover, he would have let Soro run as well. However, that is not the case, because we know that this man is not willing to give up his office or his titles.

Ouattara are now running for a third and its the beginning of a Presidency for Life. Peace.

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