1986 Speeches vs. 2020 Response [Museveni edition]

Well, I had to do this. As the President put forward an ideal of what age does and what politics is. In that regard, to answer him back. I thought what way could I do it best. Well, I remembered some quotations that is another reflection and proves the mind-set has changed over the years. Not strange after 34 years in power. However, President Museveni shouldn’t get off the hook.

That is why I first take a piece of the 12 pages or 13 pages response to Social Media, which the President unleashed on the world. I will not analyse much of it. Because, well, it is waste of time. But I will address one piece and then show what he has said in the past. Just to show how age matters and not just ideology as he said today.

Take a look!

Social Media Response:

You old man, you are too weak, you must retire and hand power to the capable young people. The NRM answer, young and old, is that politics (which means management of society) is not biology (young, old, woman, man) but ideology. Ideology is like diagnosis of a patient and prescribing treatment. Similarly, political actors, individuals or groups, must first carry out diagnosis of the society they want to lead and prescribe a cure in the form of ideology, strategy and programmes (manifesto)” (Museveni, 06.08.2020).

Well, we see the defence there. He surely likes to think that is a brilliant move. However, it is contradictory to himself in 1986. As there are certain things he said and I will show that underneath here.

A piece of the Fundamental Change speech of 1986:

There is, in philosophy, something called obscurantism, a phenomenon where ideas are deliberately obscured so that what is false appears to be true and vice versa. We in the NRM are not interested in the politics of obscurantism: we want to get to the heart of the matter and find out what the problem is. Being a leader is like being a medical doctor. A medical doctor must diagnose his patient’s disease before he can prescribe treatment. Similarly, a political leader must diagnose correctly the ills of society. A doctor who does not diagnose his patient’s disease adequately is nothing but a quack” (Museveni 26.01.1986).

Museveni addressed Dar Es-Salaam University on the 11th July 1986:

You, as young people, should be at the forefront of making sacrifices for Africa. Often, in Africa, instead of young people being at the forefront of the struggle for social justice, they are at the forefront of the struggle for privileges. Your mission is to understand the politics of your country, and of Africa in general, in order to to discover negative and positive politics. You must discover the path Africa should take in order to get out of the situation in which we found ourselves. Whatever profession you choose, you should be an instrument in that struggle for the greater understanding of the economic, social, and political problems of Africa. Therefore, an ideological grasp of what is right and what is wrong becoming crucial” (Museveni 11.07.1986).

Here we are seeing a different understanding from the same man. Which is really special, but nothing new, as this man have to bend on every word he has ever said. With all the years in power. He got to twist his words and trade waters differently. In such a manner, that the liberation got traded away on the altar of power for life.

In this regard, Museveni says that someone uses politics ina manner where it make what is false into true. Which is what Museveni does in 2020. He says NRM is open to everyone and has answers for everyone. However, that bus have left the stage and is already overcrowded.

What is funny is that his still the medical doctor 34 years after. Talking about diagnosis in 2020, as he did sort of 1986. On that point his still the same man. But, on youth and their roles, they are just a part now. Not the front-line, the forefront of the struggle. No, they are just a piece who has to follow the ideology and the management of society. Which is very different from in 1986. When they had to discover the problems and get them out of it too.

Now, they are just supposed be on the bandwagon, the bandwagon that was the issue of the past. As they we’re only in it for the privileges and not to fight the struggle for social justice. Most likely the old man has trouble with the youth fighting for social justice today. Because, they are fighting him to get social justice. That is why his not mentioning that. As he wants everyone on his team and being part of his ideology, but not give the social justice he cried havoc for in 1986.

That’s how easily to show how power corrupts. How a man can go from saying things to inspire, to things to keep status quo. Which means himself and his old guard running the show. Since this man will not let go. Peace.

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