Opinion: Mnangagwa calls his own citizens’ ‘terrorists’

In all circumstances security services will carry out their duties with appropriate astuteness. protection of the right to life is paramount, especially in light of the COVID19 and machinations by destructive terrorist opposition grouping” (..) “Those who promote hate and disharmony will never win. The bad apples that have attempted to divide our people and to weaken our systems will be flushed out. Good shall triumph over evil” (…) “security services will continue to carry out their duties with appropriate astuteness and resolve” (..) “We shall overcome attempts at destabilisation of our society by the few rogue Zimbabweans acting in league with foreign detractors” – President Emmerson Mnangagwa 4th August 2020

You know your in the wrong, when civil disobedience and protest become terrorism. Yes, it is an act of defiance and resistance against the government. However, peaceful protest isn’t hurting anyone. Walking with placards and planning marches in city centres aren’t necessarily hurting anyone. Alas, exemption of the pride of power-hungry men.

Sure, the ZANU-PF Politburo and President Mnangagwa has been torn by this. Their pride and honour has been hurt by the 31st July Movement. As they cleared the streets, intimidated the leaders and arrested the few who dared to show up. Arrested activists and the fellow opposition leaders. Continued to arbitrary arrest, abduct and raid homes of activists and opposition leaders across the Republic.

While now claiming the ones who there is a manhunt for is the problem. The ones that your sending soldiers to their homes and police officers. Political arrests and detaining, determining their fate, while calling them terrorists. That is what the ZANU-PF and the President is busy doing.

This is not reforming but tearing the republic apart because you got the guns and the arms to do so. When activists, journalists and opposition leaders are taken down like this the only remedy is mercy. However, there seems to be none from the top. As they are busy trying to make them worse.

Chinamasa called the MDC-Alliance terrorist last week and now his boss does the same. He calls on everyone who dares to stand up against him, terrorists. Like Mnangagwa is so unique and special, the holy of the holiest. The saint, the deity the whole Republic supposed to praise, his majesty and the second coming of Jesus. Because, who dares to annoy, insult and defy this man. Whose grace can only be matched by the creator and the one that lives eternally.

That is why the opposition is in trouble. They dared to insult and annoy the President. They went against his will. The almighty himself. The grandeur and the greatness, the big man of Harare and the resolved gunslinger, Mnangagwa. That is why all the destructive and deteriorating attitude comes forward.

You know your on the wrong side of history, when you call your own citizens terrorists for doing their constitutional right and taking away their civil liberties at the same time. Punishing people for being active citizens and caring about justice, freedom and liberty. Taking away their rights and justifying it, while making them outlaws for so.

You know, you have messed up and this gig cannot continue for to long. Because, you cannot arrest the whole Republic. You don’t have space in the prisons. You can take a few, plenty even, but not whole villages and townships. That’s not happening.

The President of Zimbabwe is a lost soul with no heart. Just a man of greed and power. This man doesn’t see it, but we do. He can attack the weak but enrich the strong. This man is not for the ages, but for the short-term profit on the devastation of the Republic. He will destroy piece by piece. Peace.

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