Opinion: Don’t be walking zombies ahead of 2021…

Zombies don’t run”Simon Pegg

This is not the time to be narrow-minded nor ignorant. Yes, the General Election of 2021 is rigged and will be militarized. Still, the ills of the past with the ills of today shall not go without a cost. The cost shouldn’t be burden on the citizens, but on the authorities who sanction them.

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) and President Museveni have promised gold, silver and bronze. The President have promised not to go over two terms. He has promised not to seek office after turned 75 years, but always breached the promises to step down.

He has revised the Constitution to fit his life. The laws are fitted and changed to work for him and his allies. Not to work for the whole Republic. The authorities and the law enforcement are working for his agenda and not serving the public.

That is why crimes are not solved. Murders are cold cases. Atrocities are tried to be forgotten about and buried like the remains of its victims. However, the memory of these people lingers on and the state cannot erase the memory. Nevertheless, they can instead change the goal-post and look into political crimes and create new laws. Where the civil space becomes smaller and have new units to ensure more control of the opposition. That is what they do.

With all this in mind, the legacy and the remain of the fundamental change is gone. The deceased, the arrested and the abducted have tarnished that. The overstaying in power and misuse of office. If it is scandals, handshakes or just simple theft. It continues to happen and the associates close to power get away with it too. There is no retribution to the ones close to the throne, but an opposition spitting at a junction get fined or arrested.

We can act like this cool. The polls are coming up and the machine of fear is on full force. The Police Force get a specialized unit to enforce new regulations. The army has another outfit to intimidate the crowds and the law enforcement will use all means to disperse the public.

There is no level playing field. There was never plan for it. The state will use all coins, institutions and funds to pay for loyalty. They will give away cars, soap, t-shirts and whatever it takes. There will be songs, will be tales of glory and government schemes surrounding every corner of the Republic.

That is why we have to be woke. Not that there is a shot to win on the ballot or ensure victory through the polls. That is not happening any time soon. This is naive to think a man who took power, amended the Constitution twice for personal reasons will suddenly step down. There is a need for revolution with support of the military to take him down. Unless, that doesn’t happen. The same old procedure continues in 2021. With VPN, media black-out and mass arrests, while Electoral Commission is cooking the numbers to fit the bill.

Our minds need to be prepared. There is no victory in sight. However, there is still hope. A figment of hope, as there are rising generation who are waking up. We who have lived a while longer. Has to have hope that they will not accept the rigging and revolt. However, we cannot know if selfies and drip is more important than electioneering. That is something time will tell.

What we do know is that Museveni will promise flying pigs, dragons and unicorns to win. He will say whatever and threaten anyone in his way. His relentless demeanour will persist this time too.

We cannot expect the old man to change his ways now. He will use the same means and maybe new excuses. However, he hopes for the same results and that some foreign backers can bankroll this term too. Because, he knows and we knows that his cronyism needs more revenue to pay the debts created by these additions to the state. Peace.

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