Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa is terrified of his people and it shows

When you militarized the streets and avenues of the cities. When you barge into people’s homes. Abduct activists and make phony charges. When you arrest journalists, writers and the ones who expose the dirty secret and scandals of the regime.

Whether, the person is in Harare or in Bulawayo or anywhere else can be taken into custody or even abducted without a trace of location. Days later they will dropped somewhere central with bruises and hurt. While the government itself is making mockery video of fake-abductions, meanwhile the activists are either hiding or family members intimidated by the authorities.

This is the state of what is happening in Zimbabwe. The new dispensation to violate civil liberties, freedom and even basic justice. If you are connected to websites or publications enlightening the minds of the public. Then you can get arrested and get charged with inciting to violence.

If your an activist or a leader who is willing to voice dissent will meet the blunt force of the state. Either yourself or your nearest kin. The police and the authorities are apprehending people for political reasons. Also because the state are going after the ones who organized the 31st July demonstrations and activists in general.

When you clear the streets in the days ahead, keeps soldiers in the streets and goes for manhunt for the ones who is vocal in the republic. You know your on the losing side of history. Yes, for the moment your gaining momentum, but the oppression can only take the so far.

The state can arrest everyone who is somebody with a platform and a voice. They are all in danger. As the state uses all means, besieging homes, raiding offices or even arresting people on the streets. There is nothing that isn’t unacceptable.

If Mnangagwa thinks this is a winning a formula. His wrong and will in the end loose. He is showing power and bullets now. However, the government and the authorities are not respected by this. They are feared and intimidating the public. They are inciting fear and using force on its own. The ones its supposed to protect. These are the ones its supposed to serve, but instead hold them hostage.

That is why the state has cleared the streets. This is how Mnangagwa and his allies will be remembered. The way its actively clamping down on its own. Either the opposition or the anti-government activists. They are all fair game and able prey of the state. This game of showing no mercy and cold-blooded attack on civilians.

Shows what values the state has and what is important to them. The public are useful pawns, but not vital to them. They can be used to get loans, development grants and such. However, when their voicing dissent, they are useless piece of garbage who can be tossed away. Nevertheless, eating the funds to help them is nice.

So, when journalists or activists speaks out about the eating. Then they deserve to linger in the dungeon until oblivion. That is what the state does… and this is how Mnangagwa will be remembered. The New Dispensation was a fraud. Mnangagwa is terrified of the people and it shows. He has to use the army to quell them and cannot even use civilian ways. Neither can the state allow dissent to demonstrate against it. That shows how little civil space its in the republic under Mnangagwa.


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