Zimbabwe: How much suffering is enough, Mr. Mnangagwa?

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, we know your living in wealth, eating of the plate of the government and your family is richer than God. You have land, businesses and a title, as the head of state. The republic is ill and your running it. Something you have done since the toppling of Mugabe.

Mnangagwa, now that your openly goes after activists, when the ruling regime are claiming main opposition party is terrorist and writers, journalists and activists are detained. If not, they are abducted. Like the recent act against ZimLives journalist and editor, Mduduzi Mathuthu, whose house was raided by the Police today. While confiscating cameras, computers and such.

All of this is done, while the opposition and tired public is gearing up for tomorrows demonstrations on the 31st July 2020. The activists and journalists who has covered this has put their life in danger. The police have haunted them and even asked for interviews.

Everyone who are looking into the corruption actions of the President and his men is getting into trouble. Just like Hopewell Chin’ono. Who is awaiting trail, as the state is working on producing evidence and his lingering in jail, denied bail. That is what the state does.

This is the state that Mnangagwa is serving the world. While using the loyalists of business to talk against demonstrations and getting authorities to call out COVID-19 guidelines as reasons to block these events. While UN organizations comes out defending the rights of the public to demonstrate.

How much pain do you want to add Mr. Mnangagwa? You know this, right? That your are the reason why people are burden in pain and suffering? You know that when we leaves this life, we all have to answer the same God, right? This means, there is no difference between us and we have to answer for our actions and choices in life, Mr. Mnangagwa are you ready to do that?

You should consider your actions and what you do. If your thinking your a big-man to send the army to the streets, putting up road-blocks and intimidate the ones on the barricade for the public. Then you are wrong Mr. Mnangagwa. This is not governing, but an armed siege of the public.

This is what you are. Your going to homes, take away critics and later make up charges. You intimidate and expects obedience. However, you are supposed to rule on accord with the public and after their wishes. They are not to blindly get commanded by you and yours. That is what you do.

While getting the guns, the ammo and the officers to civilians homes to intimidate them. That is what you do. If not, you get people arrested or abducted, because you can and later you read a scripture to act Godly. While you shouldn’t even sing a hymn or psalm.

Mr. Mnangagwa, I understand why you are called a crocodile. You are eating people and leaving their skeletons behind. You are coming with your teeth and spreading fear. That is apparently who you are.

So, Mr. Mnangagwa should we anticipate a bloodshed and a sudden rise in fatalities tomorrow? Peace.

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