Opinion: Chinamasa is playing with fire

Yellow Bastard: “You can’t do a goddamn thing to me, Hartigan. You know who I am. You know who my father is! You can’t touch me, you piece of shit cop! Look at you, you can’t even lift that cannon you carry!” – Sin City (2005).

ZANU-PF Spokesperson Patrick Chinamasa have clearly not any scruples nor any quarrels anymore. He just pulls out all the guns. There are no mercy. Just shooting into the air and seeing which birds that falls from the sky. If lucky he might even hit an aeroplane.

Why do I say this, well, the man said these things today:

Zanu PF calls upon our supporters, cadres and sympathisers, wherever you are, to remain alert and ready to defend yourselves, defend our people, their property and most importantly defend peace in your communities against these malcontents, these hired hooligans and hoodlums who rejoice at burning properties and looting” (Chinamasa, 27.07.2020).

Zanu PF therefore appeals to our people to be misled by MDC Alliance malcontents. If the violent activities perpetrated by the MDC opposition were acts done in Europe or the United States, they would have been branded a long time ago a terrorist organisation which in fact they are, along with their trojan horses like the ZCTU, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition and others which depend on foreign funding for their anti-people activities” (Chinamasa, 27.07.2020).

I will specify why this is outrageous. This is beneath his station and his position. As the spokesperson for a government to act and speak this words are vile. It is disgraceful and distasteful. However, not very surprising, as the state is going after any activist or people involved with the 31st July demonstrations. They are targeting and arresting, even killing activists in association. Therefore, the language only mirrors the actions of the authorities, which are ordered by the set government party.

That he is saying these things. Only shows the arrogance and the junta perspective of civilian disobedience, but also the reality on the ground. The militant ZANU-PF are not taking soft grounds, except if it favour them. The party is going straight to the trenches and wars, if they are challenged.

That is why the MDC-Alliance is suddenly terrorists for their constitutional rights of demonstrations. That is how bonkers the ZANU-PF is and how deluded Chinamasa is. It is really a gift of foolery. Fools gold sold as certified gold. Only numb-nuts and dipshits would take this as truths.

Calling opposition party and their members for terrorist is a dangerous mine-field. Where only the citizens will loose. It is a one-party move, where the ruling regime will muffle and silence all critics at any cost. There is no middle ground and place to voice discontent. Only praising the magical wonders of ZANU-PF and their comrades. The rest got to suffer if their opinion differs.

That is the ground put forward. All for a planned demonstration on the 31st July. The state goes this to assault, detain and propagandize the events. It is really stunning and worrying. When a spokesperson can say this and get away with it. It shows the heart of ZANU-PF. The reason for their ruling. Which it is rule with an iron fist. Peace.

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