Zimbabwe: How to damage the calm of ZANU-PF [and “incite violence”]

Well, we can learn one thing of late. If you expose the activities or plan to undermine the regime of Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF). Than your “inciting violence” and will be charged with criminal behaviour. Even if your a journalist doing your job, just reporting on the matters at hand. If your telling the stories that the governing party doesn’t want to get told. Then your a the problem and creating the violence.

The violence, the inciting of it. Is in the fragile minds of the regime. The little bootlickers and the stooges of the party. The ones who is beloved and parishioners of the Junta regime. The ones who prays and obeys the high command. The selfless praise of ED and Chiwenga, like they are filled with the holy ghost and have the salvation of Jesus. However, we know both of them have not.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is mixing the economy is such a juggernaut way. That the US Dollar and Zim dollar policies losing sense. While raiding ECOCASH and ECOBANK is only to stop the RTGS Dollars from flowing. If not finding another money laundering operation to bankroll the scarfs of the party.

Whatever it is, it is not working and the state can only prolong the agony so far. The looses are piling up. The jig is up and the ones exposing it. Has to been gone. If that is Hopewell Chin’ono or Jacob Ngariyhume. Other journalists have been taken into custody and later released. That is just what the state does now.

Ngariyhume is inciting violence, because he wants to demonstrate against the oppression and corrupt government. He dares to inspire and rebel against the state. A state that had no trouble to incite violence of their own with toppling the President for Life Mugabe and have rallies against sanctions. However, when people plan to rally against them now. It is a criminal affair. Do you see the double idiotic standard? I do and I hope you does as well.

Hopewell has just undermined and exposed the government. He is just a savvy and wise journalist with no fear. Doing his job and proving his skills. That is why, a mediocre and lackluster administration fears him. Hopewell can find things and tell a story. Military men and propagandist can only defend and lie. That is opposite of what Hopewell does and that is why his behind bars.

Both of them are not criminal. They are both citizens, doing their jobs as citizens. They are in the forefront and battling for justice and equality. They are in the midst of troubles, because they are able to trigger the faint-hearted military men in power. The ones who doesn’t have the character or stamina to be questioned. They only know how to use force, because they don’t have brains to address things differently.

They are just promoters of injustice and impunity. The junta, the regime and the New Dispensation. When you can demonstrate yourself for your own cause, but when the citizens does, it is violence. Its foolish and outrageous. Not shocking, because that what men like these does. They cannot stomach or have ability to understand other people’s grievances, but they will expect you praise their every single breath. They are the majesties and the royalty of the Republic. If your not bowing your knees, your not doing it right. If you stand up to them. Its violent, because you displeased His Excellency and his court. Peace.

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