Opinion: Nantaba MP should sing for justice for Robert and not arrest Gerald

There is still an unanswered case in concern with MP Aidah Nantaba and what happened in Naggalama, Kampala on the 24th March 2019. When she claimed she was getting assassinated, but a citizen Robert Ssebulime was killed. The murder charges was dropped on the 9th September 2019 by DPP Mike Chibita. While the family of Ssebulime haven’t gotten any answer and the case is still pending without anyone being arrested and indicted for the murder of Robert. Which is tragic, as it has been a year and still nothing. The typical style of case, where the deceased is forgotten, but the high ranking official can still rule with impunity.

Why do I say this, because this happen:

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed that Kiwewa has been arrested and is currently being interrogated at CID. “We have arrested Gerald Kiwewa because we recorded a complaint from Hon Idah Nantaba saying the lyrics in the song directly attack and defame her,” said Onyango” (The Observer – ‘Musician Gerald Kiwewa arrested over ‘Nantaba’ song’ 23.07.2020, URN).

The MP has said the mafia was after her and she was in danger. However, she has no issues using the police to detain an artist for writing a song. It has hurt her pride, but she was around a possible murder, which has gotten no justice last year. It has just vanished like nothing.

MP Nantaba should secure the family Ssebulime. She should be on the barricades to secure the truth and ensure the kids of the deceased lives in safety. That they have future without their father. This should be a key thing for her, but I doubt she has cared.

Since, her pride and honour is so important that she makes a case and get another citizen arrested for mocking her in song. As a high ranking official. Aidah Nantaba should expect people to mock, ridicule and chants of discontent towards you. The MP shouldn’t just expect praise, glory and tales of wonders.

Maybe, the language of Kiwewa wasn’t that tasteful and even tone, which hurt the MP. That is fine, but then you rebuttal it or argument against it. You don’t send the police on them. If so, then only the MP can speak ill of the mafias, but nobody else can speak about her. She maybe wished Zaake wasn’t married, but be her man. That is why the song hit a nerve. God knows why, but she should be more humble.


Robert is why. Robert and his family still have no answer to what happen. The MP is still walking around with full force and have the probable cause for the arrest of Kiwewa. She should have thought it true.

It just shows how petty she is and she can kick and scream in public. However, when shit hits the fan. She blazing with fierce force. The MP should do something about what happen last year. Not that she cares.

Her ego is more important than justice. That is why a musician is in jail and there is no answer for Robert. The MP have proven yet again what’s her priorities are. Her own self is more important than anything else. Peace.

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