Opinion: Tinkasimire is finessing the game

People Power is a political club, the NRM is a political party. In People Power, we were just driving an agenda of change, In NRM, there are structures and processes.”Barnabas Tinkasimire

The supposed rebel is mocking the pressure group his participating in, because he wants to show loyalty to the President and the Movement. That is not shocking. He has been open about being a NRM MP and continuing to subscribe to the party. Even as he was put in the charge of co-ordinating for Bunyoro.

Tinkasimire might get some brownie points with the President by stating this to the Press. After having the meeting earlier in the week. Where all NRM Rebel MPs paid respects and kneeled to their king. The protocol the MP talks about. The structure of being blindly loyal to the Old Man with the Hat. Follow his NRM CEC and not questioning his decisions. That is the party Barnabas is so proud off.

The man that is calling People Power a political club is demeaning and downplaying its organization. A pressure group run by Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. It is just like his saying its not sincerely working and they are just playing around. When calling it a club his initially saying its fun and games, while the Movement is serious. That shows how insincere Barnabas is at this point.

Barnabas is saying the NRM is the United Nations, but People Power is the Model United Nations. This should infuriate Bobi Wine and his close associates. That someone he trusted to lead the Bunyoro chapter thinks like this. If he says this now, he should distance himself from Barnabas.

Tinkasimire is showing his true colours. It is a facade what his doing in People Power. If he trusts the structure and process of the NRM. If he does that, what the hell does do in People Power?

That doesn’t make sense. When he wants to act like rebel, but trust the President and his ways. If you find that weird. Your part of the clique and we see the same sort of thing.

Why do you join a club and talk it down? When your already a part of party that your believe in and enjoy the comforts from?

It doesn’t make sense. Unless, he now wants to show loyalty after getting the good graces against after the meeting at the State House last week. That would make sense and shows People Power where his heart is. Especially, he speaks of change, but wants to have process of NRM. That is just foolish at best. Then he wants to blindly follow the “high above” and continue a charade as a “rebel”. I am sure President is happy about that. He has someone who can tell and has his ears to everything happening within People Power.

That is why the Bunyoro role of Tinkasimire should be in question. As he says the PPM isn’t that serious. While praising his party. That’s just a pure insult for the causes that PPM is supposed to be about.

Why are you having people within the Pressure Group who confess their admiration to the party, which your trying to overcome?

That’s Math, which doesn’t add up. 1 +1 = 3 or 1,5 and certainly not 2. If you want change and make difference. To be associated with the likes of Tinkasimire … is just vouching to have Movement friendly people and only uses PPM to get more votes. While he will continue to work for the status quo. A status quo the PPM is supposed to meet head-on. Peace.

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