Opinion: Byamugisha will be more lonely than Muntu…

Today, Moses Byamugisha have announced that his running for the presidency, but not through the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) as previously announced. He has other plans, certainly in regards, that ithere is talk of Dr. Kizza Besigye running again as the Presidential Candidate in the FDC. Nothing of this is shocking, but inevitable. Byamugisha had to see that one coming. As he knows the party and their movements better than anyone. He has been working there for ages and therfore, this move was awaited for his part. Especially, for a person wanting to aim at the Presidency. 

Byamugisha knows the FDC very well. He has been a mobilizer and helped the youths. Activists across the Republic knows him. Moses is well-known because of this. He has sought people arrested for their political activism and the former aide to Besigye.

Moses knows what happens when you loose out and seen others fall-out of love too. Byamugisha will be lonely out there. He will not have the machinery and support system of the FDC. Moses will be like Elton Joseph Mabirizi. Another independent candidate, but with some fellow supporters from the FDC.

That is why his a like a underling of Mugisha Muntu, the former Party President, but now Flag-Bearer of the Alliance of National Transformation (ANT). The New Formation and the new outfit for one man who never became the Flag-Bearer in the FDC.

Byamugisha will feel the blunt loneliness out there. After all the years in the FDC. When he stands as an Independent. He will not have the party behind him. FDC will uses their machinery on their candidates and flag-bearers. This is something Moses knows well, his been in the party for years. Not like they will give him energy or a time of day. Neither does they have a agreement with him like they have with Erias Lukwago. No, his on the whim on this one.

Muntu has had time to prepare for his departure and started to build his party in his image. ANTs are working and they are following whatever ideas Muntu has. Byamugisha have just launched the idea and today told he wouldn’t run for the FDC.

Byamugisha is saying what most of us knows. That there is limitations to ambition in the two biggest parties of the Republic. In both NRM and FDC there are two kings. They are the natural flag-bearers. Moses cannot stand, but he can be an aide.

However, Byamugisha will struggle. A sudden lone soldier without the generals or the majors. Moses will really feel lonely. He might act brave. Be a Spartan and wanting to beat the Greek. Nevertheless, Moses will not feel it like that. He goes both against the President and the authorities. A man who knows what Besigye has gone through over the years. A man who has seen what happens to activists and their battle against the oppression.

Therefore, Moses knows all of this. The difference between him and Muntu is that Muntu has a party. Not a giant party, but a starting organization, but Moses has only himself. Like I said, he might get someone with him, but nothing that will be working like when he was in the FDC.

Byamugisha have left the nest to early here. He went for the highest office to quick and without a machinery. This will be bloody. Muntu have some buddies and a sort of party at this point. Byamugisha has himself and his attempt to victory.

Moses will severe a loss. The loss just depends self inflicted injury. Not to forget how much damage he will make to the cause. His diplomatic about the severing of ties with the FDC and not running there.

However, not like Moses can make his own party now before 2021. Muntu has had some time, something Byamugisha doesn’t have. We have to wait and see. The only thing we do know is that this journey will be lonely for the man and he will have little to no support. Peace.

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