Nabilah Naggayi Sempala MP got the memo: ACCESS:DENIED

The Queen has made a move. Now the other side has to do their own chess game maneuver” – Nabilah Naggayi Sempala (15.07.2020).

You cannot make this up, but the one claiming the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) lies as much as the National Resistance Movement (NRM). The Woman Representative in the 10th Parliament for FDC, Nabilah Naggay Sempala have been denied and not allowed to pick the nomination forms for becoming Lord Mayor of Kampala.

If there is ever a fall from grace. This one for the ages. That Nabilah is both cut out of the race for Woman Representative in the FDC and Lord Mayor. Means that she is practically kicked out of the party. Who knows what she will do now. She has already disassociated herself with People Power. Who knows, if she just joins the Justice Forum, Alliance for National Transformation or even the NRM.

As stated:

Drama at FDC headquarters as Hon Nabilah Naggayi Sempala’s nomination form is rejected for submitting her forms a day after the deadline” (NBS Television, 15.07.2020)

So, the current MP since 2011. The former Wakiso Councillor are now in a limbo. It is self created. In 2015 she was jumping ships between Go Forward and the FDC. She was even spotted at a rally with Museveni. Who knows what politicking she will do now.

Seems like she knows that her popularity and her track-record in Parliament isn’t that great. While Dr. Stella Nyanzi is a hard-core activist who has won people’s heart in the meantime. Also, her poetry is spelling out her vision.

Something, that cannot be said about Nabilah. Who knows where her heart is and what she stands for. She is very good at blaming others and boosting her own ego. Whatever else, I don’t know. I have not seen legislation, motions or anything substantial. Cannot remember that. Has she even spoken in parliament during the last few years? It is so hard to tell.

What is really striking she was attacking the same party just two years ago. The one she has served in Parliament for 7 years for. Been campaigning for. Now it has ditched her and not given her leeway. Certainly, her actions has backfire and Nyanzi has also taken away her automatic position in the party.

That is why she aimed for Lord Mayor. However, that door was already closed. She got ACCESS:DENIED. There are no entry.

I am just awaiting a storm brewing, as she will do something off the chain and blame Besigye. Blame POA and all the secretariat. While, I am sure she could have looked up the internal deadlines for picking forms within the party. However, she’s been a Honourable for so long. That she thought she could get away with it. Peace.

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