A Country for Old Men: Kamuntu MP Motion for Older Person MPs

Funny how a President whose 75 years old with a cabinet on the average is of 65 years old. In 2013 the median age of an MP would be 43 years old. So, its not like the Parliament is filled with youngsters or adolescents. It is more of advanced age and beyond early youth. The MPs and Cabinet members are not youngsters straight out of college, but people who walked on the green earth for while.

With this knowledge that the ageing of the cabinet and the current day MPs. The Republic doesn’t need more representation of elders in Parliament. However, there is one MP and his co-sponsor that differs on that. The Old People, the Advanced Aged and Elders needs more Representation. It isn’t enough to be majority in Parliament and in the Cabinet. Not like youth or the ones before mid-life crisis hits has the ownership of the August House. No, its already the ones who is pass maturity and can drink hard-liquor without showing ID.

This is in a Republic where most of the population is below the age of 30. In that Nation, the bright minds of Professor Ephraim Kamuntu and Jackson Kafuuzi Karubaga. To add this into the legislation as separate special elections from every region:

five representatives for older persons, at least one of whom shall be a woman” (MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION UNDER SECTION 8(3) OF THE PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS ACT, 2OO5 FOR REVIEW OF THE REPRESENTATION UNDER ARTICLE 78(1Xb) AND (c) of THE CONSTITUTION).

And what is unique in their reasoning:

AND WHEREAS, in the past, women, youth, workers, persons with disabilities and older persons were denied participation in the governance of Uganda through customs and practices that marginalized their status in society and could not participate on an equal footing with others and yet they have special interests that need articulation and representation” (MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION UNDER SECTION 8(3) OF THE PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS ACT, 2OO5 FOR REVIEW OF THE REPRESENTATION UNDER ARTICLE 78(1Xb) AND (c) of THE CONSTITUTION).

What is really striking calling the elders, the older persons marginalized, when they are in majority in cabinet and has plenty of MPs within the Parliament. Maybe not as a separate entity or representation directly. However, they are there and have the power over the younger people. It is the youngins that should feel left behind. They neither have a proper voice or a enough representative in consideration with their majority standing within the population. The average citizen isn’t advanced age, but under 30 years old.

That’s why its an odd concept to have specialized elections for elderly people. They are already getting the positions, the seats and the glory. These groups of people is already represented and they have a President of its age too. That is why the same MPs who might enact this, also ensured the President could die in Power too. Just like old people do of old age.

This is really bonkers, but don’t expect it to go away. There will be a pull for this and a lot of support. It is a simple cause. To support elderly to have a voice and be represented. However, they are already from the top. They got the Presidency, the Cabinet and massive amount of MPs who fits the bill and who will do so in 2021 too. There enough old stalwart NRM’s to the bidding and hope to return. They are certainly not in the early 20s ditching studies and work to become MPs. No, they are elderly and getting close to be pensioners. The ones who could become Older Persons MP. Peace.

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