Opinion: It’s not REA’s fault, but the NRM [meanwhile REA is a useful scapegoat…]

An agency made by the National Resistance Movement (NRM), enacted by law in 1999 and operative agency from 2001. The NRM is all to blame for the failures of the Rural Electrification Agency (REA). They might want to get rid of the head of the agency for 14 years in the campaign season to look better, but the same rot is there as in the ruling regime.

So, when the Minister of Energy and Development Grace Kitutu blames the REA for bad service deliver and the percentages of progress with it. That is a result of what the government wanted with it. The blame for all of this is the government.

The Minister putting the blame now is very convenient. That they are doing this in 2020. The REA has been working for 19 years. The government been in-charge since 1986. That’s why the Minister blaming the REA for back track-record is a bit half-baked.

The people who makes the policies, funding and votes for projects it wants. They are working with stakeholders, donors and others to build these projects. Also together with private companies and foreign investors.

Still, with all the time and the ability. The lack of results is staggering. When the minister outcries only 7% electric coverage to rural communities. Well, with the amount spent and what was their goals. It isn’t that shady, but its abundantly heart-wrecking knowing all the time spent on this.

It is easy to blame REA now. Not like they are working in a vacuum. It is the typical game-plan. Shift focus from one, instead of the others. We know it really sucks, when the President promises 26% electric coverage by 2024. He did that in 2014, but the Minister say they are at 7% and it’s only at a third of what is promised. Which is really not something to praise anyway.

If you would feel entitled to have used 3 decades in power to give such little power. You know why there are surplus electricity. Since there are no lines to take it on anyway.

That the NRM now pin-points one of these agencies it has created, instead of looking into themselves. The NRM will do this now to clean their slate. While they are the ones writing the plans, creating the agencies and not implementing it. They are allocating funds, which is going to ghosts, lost or forgotten about. Suddenly, when the Auditor General or someone looking over the paper-trail, the ducks start quacking.

Minister Kitutu might scream and shout. Blame REA. It is so damn easy… Instead of trying to be accountable. Being really accountable and taking responsibility would have been healthy. Not that we can expect they to do so.

It is easier to make someone a scapegoat, than actually do something. That’s the lesson from all of this. Peace.

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