Opinion: Keita seems to be loosing his grip…

President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, the President who is in his 7th year as President. In the middle of his second term as President. The man is in a sea of trouble. The population doesn’t trust him. There is insurgency of Boko Haram. There is COVID-19 and a peacekeeping mission that doesn’t stop the issues for the Head of State.

What also causes more of a stir is Imam Mahmoud Dicko, the protest leader who is challenging the President. You have the Movement of the 5th June (M5) and Assembled Forces for Patriots (AFP) or the M5-RFP. This popular uprising and demonstrations the last three weeks culminated yesterday, Saturday 10th July 2020. When the National Broadcaster was occupied and the streets of Bamako was filled citizens. All wanting Keita to resign.

There are now report of either 1 or 2 dead after yesterday’s demonstration. There is also reports that the 3 weeks of demonstrations has cost 74 people lives. While the government is battling the Operation Barkhane, which a joint peacekeeping mission in the Sahel region. The Azawad or Northern region of Mali is still a battling ground. Where rebels have tried to secede from the Republic of Mali. These Tuareg militants are also causing problems for the government of Bamako.

There are enough troubles for Keita as a Head of State. It is not like he needed an popular uprising. There is reports of corruption cases like spending millions of dollars on a presidential jet. Who knows what else is missing and funds lost.

The state is now starting to arrest leaders of the demonstration. There is reports of one leader taken by the authorities. They are trying to block social media and leaks online after yesterdays heavy demonstration. Keita wants to investigate the manner of the demonstrations and the vandalistion of the capital. Instead of answering the massive plea for resignation.

It shows that even marching in the streets in massive numbers. Isn’t stopping this President. He is still feeling untouchable. The opposition is still persisting for the end of his reign. They are tired of the cronyism and lack of results. The issues are growing and the central government is not answering them. That is why the public is growing tired. Not seeing progress or seeing a sustainable future.

Keita have clearly not delivered. He is dwindling and loosing. It is just as a matter of how long this will last. This here will strain his reign. The opposition, the M5-RFP are able to get the crowds coming. Also, able to get them to be defiant and show civil disobedience against the state. In numbers that the President could only dream off.

That is why Keita should listen to the pleas, that is why he should consider his role, his place and his representation. His there on the mercy of the public. The public want him gone. Just a mere fraction, but a huge part of the citizenship. The streets, the capital was packed yesterday and the capital has been filled like this recently by the same organizers.

The demonstrators are also demanding that the French soldiers are leaving their territory. That the state nationalize the mineral resources and get the Western Mult-National companies out. A democratically elected government and get the peacekeepers out too. This is critical demands in combination with the will to get rid of the current day President.

That is a signal. That is a message. Something Keita cannot run away from, his days are counted. It is just a matter of time, if he gets it himself or someone close to him will. Because, if these demonstrations persist and at these levels. Than it will just be a matter of time before he falls. It is not like M5-RFP have lost steam, but is showing strength upon strength. Peace.

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