Ethiopia: Protest continues [fatalities rising] and Defence Minister Megersa arrested!

The assassination of Haacaaluu Hundeessaa sparked outright outrage and protest in Addis Ababa, Ambo and in the Oromia region. It is now reported that a total of 160 civilians has died as a result of their protest. While there is report of Command Post both in Oromia and in Addis. Means, that not only police is on the streets, but soldiers against its own citizens.

The Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali and his team is directly attacking own citizens with weapons, arresting the leaders of the opposition. Media and journalists are also getting arrested. Today, the report of the Minister of Defence Lemma Megersa is also detained. The man that opened the doors to the PM is now arrested. Shows that he touch anyone he wants and doesn’t care.

The state is clearly taken away any voices who speaks up against the Prime Minister. They are not accepting that people are dissidents. The dissidents dies. They are either detained or killed. While the state is blaming outside forces, they are blaming the former oppressors of the TPLF. The party that didn’t join the new party Prosperity Party. So, the narrative is clear. It is also blaming the ones behind bars for inciting it. Which is clearly impossible, as they are behind bars and cannot communicate.

The Prime Minister can speak of rule of law, but uses oppressive means to silence his opposition. He first gave way to them and smiled in their comfort when he took power. The man promised them heaven, but is now serving the same hell as before. The only difference is that he has had time to consolidate power. Get his allies behind and now uses forces against the ones speaking against him. There is no other way to see this now.

When a singer and activist of Hundeessaa calibre gets gunned down. The Querro see one of their heroes die. The Oromo see one of their own dies. Just like the ones who wouldn’t bend to Abiy in Amhara, also died and the supposed “coup” have never been proven. It is just more injustice.

So, if you aim at Abiy, the cell or 6 fix under is the end-game. You better praise the king, the glory and the hallelujah to the risen star from above. Prime Minister Abiy commands so. Don’t you dare insult him or his ways. You will be punished. One way or another. Peace.

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