Ethiopia: PM Abiy’s speech stink of Machiavelli

During this legal process, like in the past, we will not pull nails, we will not put people in the dark or we will not torture to investigate. [But] we have to show that no one is above the law; we have to show that no one, outside of peaceful and democratic means, can make us kneel. We have to show what war is to those who know nothing about war [but] want to show us what urban warfare is. It is important to show to those empty dreamers who don’t know how to win but spread their dreams through Facebook that winning through such means is impossible; we have to show them that they can only dream and not read their dreams” – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali TV Speech (03.07.2020).

Why don’t I trust the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia now? Well, he says this is about rule of law and says foreign forces are involved, even a militia who is doing this. While his government has put up Command Post in Oromia and around Addis Ababa. While the government have used weapons and killed civilians during the last few days. Direct injustice towards the own citizens who used their feet on the streets voice up their grievances towards the government. A government that is behind the assassination Haacaaluu Hundeessaa.

It is really striking that the government are going against foreign forces and opposition as the trouble makers. When the army and police is all out violent against own citizens. The state is behind the killings and the civilians dying. That is why the state is so mum about details. Just like it have never found the missing link to the “Amhara Coup” either, but was able to install Abiy friendly people there.

No one loud critic was taken out with singer Hundeessaa. Also with the Oromo leadership behind bars indefinitely. They will be blamed together wit the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the party and the people who didn’t join the consoldited Prosperity Party. It is just so fitting to do so, as the whole narrative is controlled and set by the state. A state that has an blackout on the internet and jammed the phone lines in Oromia too.

This is all done deliberately together with the speech today to fix it for the state. It is to make arguments and reasoning to validate the violence, the brutality and the killings of civilians. This has been happening all week. The numbers have varied but is no stagnated around a 100 people who died in association with the demonstrations and state sponsored violence. Then its hard not to speak out. The injustice is deliberate and done with a purpose.

The state could get away with a fake “Amhara Coup” and they hope now to get away with a Oromo Protest getting bloody too. The Prime Minister and team has learned from previous oppressors. They know the techniques and uses the same means. Only under the banner of PP instead of the EPRDF or the Derg. They are using the state machine to be brutal and fatal to own population. While blaming “outside” forces and “opposition”. They are scarecrows and scapegoats for the destruction and violence made from the authorities.

He speaks of not putting people in the dark, but that is what it does. They want to control the situation, both mentally and physically. Trying to manufacturing consent and intimidate the voices of dissidents in the region of Oromia. One hero taken down and arrested the leadership of vital political groups at the same time. Creating political prisoners and blaming them for the violence at the same time. Like they can coordinate that from behind bars.

Like Machiavelli said in the Prince:

“… above all things, a prince ought to live amongst his people in such a way that no unexpected circumstances, whether of good or evil, shall make him change; because if the necessity for this comes in troubled times, you are too late for harsh measures; and mild ones will not help you, for they will be considered as forced from you, and no one will be under any obligation to you for them”Niccolò Machiavelli – (‘The Prince’ from the Chapter VIII, 1532)

The Prime Minister and team isn’t thinking this through. However, they just rejuvenating old theatrics and means to oppress the public. I cannot see anything else. Only that it used the flag of reforms and prosperity in a “medemer” dogma, which is just a tool to trick the world. I have a hard time seeing difference between what’s happening now and what happened not long ago during the “State of Emergency”. The only difference is who the “enemy” is and “good guy” is. The rest is a similar fashion and the ones dying is still the citizens. That is the dire reality of this.

Also a man of supposed peace has clearly no issues making war towards his own. The Prime Minister declaring war on his own and signalling “outsiders” as trouble-makers. It is as old as Machiavelli the Prince:

“ …a prince ought to have two fears, one from within, on account of his subjects, the other from without, on account of external powers. From the latter he is defended by being well armed and having good allies, and if he is well armed he will have good friends, and affairs will always remain quiet within when they are quiet without, unless they should have been already disturbed by conspiracy…”Niccolò Machiavelli – (‘The Prince’ from the Chapter XIX, 1532).

Seems like he got the lesson from Machiavelli. He is following it and to a T. Peace.

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