My letter to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali: Is this your legacy?

2nd July 2020 Oslo

Dear Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, His Excellency Abiy Ahmed Ali.

I am writing to you with concern of your citizens. The ones your representing and being the head of state off. It is weird that an outsider has to write this to you, but maybe you would listen, if this coming from an outsider. However, I doubt you would skim the passages and words I put down. Still, I write to you, because I need to do it.

It is in haste and in need, as the military are putting up Command Post in the Oromia Region. As there violent attacks on citizens in Addis Ababa. Gunshots are heard and there is fear, intimidation and death. This is all happening on your watch, Prime Minister Abiy.

Prime Minister Abiy you came in with promise and with flex into your role as the Head of State. However, that promise have withered and the brutality of your rule is now evident. Citizens are dying. Activist and singer Hacaalu Hubdeessaa was assassinated only four days ago. The Oromo leaders are behind bars.

You know how this works. Prime Minister you have seen this darkness before. This sort of oppression, brutality and state sponsored violence against citizens. We know there is injustice going on, when you block the internet and telephone. That is because your worried of the leaks of the vile acts made by the state.

Prime Minister Abiy, do you want to be remembered as a bloody tyrant?

Prime Minister Abiy, do you want to be remembered as a dictator?

Is that what you are looking for? If so, then continue with your ill attempt of misrule. Where you only know how to order the army and police on your own citizens.

I would think you were better, but apparently … you are just like the rest of them. However, Mr. Prime Minster you came in on a lie. You came in on a pledge and breached it. You pocketed goodwill and now your letting it burn.

Mr. Prime Minister your squandering all your earlier efforts. Burning the bridges and only leaving skeletons left on the streets. These being your citizens, the citizens who you are supposed to defend and represent. It is like you have forgotten why you are there.

The deaths, the murders and vicious attempts to get rid enemies are now in the open. You are doing the same as the old oppressors. You are trying to peddle propaganda to cover it up, but you will not win with that. It is only showing that you as an emperor is naked. There is no redemption here, unless you carry the weight of the tormented people. The people that is violently brutalized on your command.

Prime Minister, I hate to say it. Your name isn’t with hope anymore. It’s no pride in your name. There is no trust in progress or in reforms. It is only devastation and destruction. You had your moment and you have already blown it.

Man up, buckle up and know that you have a light a fire, you most likely don’t have the ability to extinguish it.

You could have done so much better Prime Minster Abiy, but you choose differently.

Best Regards

Writer of Minbane

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