Ethiopia: The protests continues… [Fatalities on the rise]

It is now reported that up to 80 people have lost their lives in the demonstrations against the state after the assassination Hachalu Hundessa. There are also added speculations, which isn’t verified but online that the uncle and father of the deceased singer has been shot by the authorities. After discussions with Querro, Authorities and the Family about where the singer should be buried. The initial state plan was in Ambo, but the Querro and family wanted it to be in Finfinne. However, that is yet to be verified.

What we do know is that the authorities continues to crackdown on the opposition. Use them as tools for oppression and excuses for the uprising after the assassination of Hundessa. Today, the high ranking arrest was Eskinder Nega, the journalist and opposition politician. His now being blamed too for “illegal activity” and held at unknown place. The Oromo Leadership and close knitted family is kept in secret locations too and the organizations behind them haven’t been able to contact them after the arrests.

AIGA Forum Update today states this:

Update 07-01-20 #2- The regime has arrested Eskinder Nega and has accused him of organizing a youth group that was planning to carry illegal activities. The regime has also accused Jawar and Bekele Gerba as key organizers behind the current Oromo protest and many prior killings and disturbances. The looting is still ongoing in Addis Ababa and ethnically motivated killings are on the rise. According to a source many people are being killed daily in Addis.

Stay tuned. Aigaforum Jul 1st, 2020”.

This here says it all about the situation, as dire and bleak it is. While some cry havoc over the government buildings burning and statutes butchered. The same ones aren’t in tears over the loss of lives. Innocent civilians dying, because they speak out in the streets. The ones who dares to walk out and do their civic duty. While the authorities are using their monopoly of violence, police brutality and bullets to silence the public.

Still, with the hardships, the pain and the suffering. The amounts of rising deaths. The uncertainty, the leadership behind bars for the Oromo. The public is still protesting and showing their resilience. They are not accepting the state’s excuses and “alleged conspirators”. Because, the public knows how comes with guns, arrests and assaults them. It is government sanctioned violence against them on their own soil. The ones that supposed to protect them.

We know it’s messed up, when the former oppressors of the TPLF and leaders of the EPRDF says the truth in a Press Release from their Central Committee, which states this:

WHEREAS, everyone, especially our people, are aware that the regime and its followers, who have found out that a head-on collision with our people and their ruling party is like a head-on collision with iron, have turned to a coordinated campaign mainly by spreading false information through the media and by dispatching mercenaries in order to destroy our internal peace and stop our developmental efforts thereby throwing us to extreme darkness” (TPLF Central Committee, 30.06.2020):

When you see that in the midst of the darkest hour. As you see the bloodshed and hear the news, the dire need for change. The deaths, the use of force and state sanctioned killings. The blind violence against citizens. As they are demonstrating, since they lost one of their heroes and their leaders are behind bars for unknown reasons.

There is also reports that Military Command Post is enforced in Addis Ababa and Finfinne. We just know what that means, as the Command Post under the EPRDF meant blood and terror. This is not new. Show’s how depressing the state of affairs is right now.

We know the Prime Minister is wrong. We know his naked and the truth is dark, grim and despicable. There is no spin to change this. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali, this is all on your watch and with your blessing. This blood is on your hands. Peace.

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