Opinion: Muntu is the Sole-ANT

I want to operate in an environment where I feel I am trusted by those that I am working with. So colleagues, I don’t want to be unfair to you nor do I want to say that you are being unfair to me” – Gen. Mugisha Muntu on the 25th November 2017

We knew this day was coming when he was tooling around with his “Third Force”. Then months later after consultations launching the Alliance of National Transformation or the ANT. The New Formation or the Third Force, the ANT was launched in March 2019. All the cards was stacked for Muntu. This was Muntu’s team and his allies.

That is why today on the 1st July 2020 the revelation that Muntu would be their flag-bearer was the only way out. There was no other candidate or person who could do this. The National Coordinator. The reason for the founding and launching of the party, Muntu had to be the anointed one.

Not like the renegade MPs supporting him in the launch would dare to challenge Muntu. He left the FDC to be the King. Where he could be trusted, where he wasn’t treated unfair and everyone was listening to him. A place where he could be the MAN and everyone looking up to him. The Fountain of Honour and our dear leader.

Muntu was set to be unveiled for this. Be the Presidential Candidate. That was inevitable. There was no other way out. The National Coordinator and Founder had to go for the prestige and honour. He couldn’t do anything else.

We knew he would be the sole candidate. He will continue his mantra “Country Before Self”, but this enterprise the ANT. Is his sole raid. It is expedition into the unknown. Deep down he knows he cannot win. It is just a matter of how much he looses. However, he will play it out like that, because that is his dream.

Muntu wants to be the MAN. He want it so badly and cannot help himself. Wants the respect and the rank. We could see this from miles away. When he ditched FDC this was the expected outcome.

Now Muntu is the Third Force, the New Formation and the ANT. The man, the myth and the finally the head honcho. However will it be worth it? No, not really. It just matters how much he will patch up the hurt and what he will risk ahead of the 2021 elections. Nevertheless, don’t expect it to be much. His so pragmatic and so careful. Muntu will look at all sides more than twice before he even considers to cross the street. Because the might a cat, a mosquito or a boda-boda passing by. The man don’t want to offend them. Peace.

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