Ethiopia: A crackdown on the Oromo Leadership after the assassination of Hundeessa

There is worrying signs of old times in Ethiopia, as opposition leaders and activists are put behind bars. While other known leaders and activists possibly get assassinated. That is why singer Haacaaluu Hundeessaa was assassinated yesterday. The queerro is out in the streets demonstrating that. There is also evident that the internet is blocked nation-wide. This is to stop information flowing between the regions, as the state is cracking down on the opposition.

There are reports of three dead in the demonstrations in Addis Ababa over the assassination of Hundeessa yesterday. They are demonstrating because of the deceased and the state offers more bloodshed.

As we hear those report. There are other reports that the leaders of the Oromo has been arrested today. This being Dawud Ibsa Ayana leader of Oromo Liberation Front, Merara Gudina leader of the Oromo People’s Congress and Mohammed Jawar of Oromo Media Network has all been arrested.

Oromo Media Network has also been shut-down.

So, the state has ring-fenced them. The state has taken in all the leaders of the Oromo, instead of finding and investigate the assassination of Hundessaa. They are instead arresting the leaders of the Oromo.

It is like the authorities enforce violence and hope nobody is watching. There is no difference between the brutal rule of the TPLF controlled EPRDF and the violence served by the Prosperity Party under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali.

The Prime Minister knows this and still uses these means against the Oromo leadership. If you thought the government was up to settle differences and making sure all the stakeholders was listened too. Instead they are silencing them and stopping them.

We are seeing the PP and Abiy are not wanting to have real peace, but fake peace. Where intimidation, assassinations and state violence is keeping them in power. While suspended elections over COVID-19 and now internet blackout. We can just await using the enforcement of “State of Emergency” legislation to stop the demonstrations.

The state is now amplifying their steps to attack the Oromo. They have already used the police and military in the region to beat and arrest civilians on the daily. Now they are doing this to its leadership too. Showing they are not intending to do this peacefully. When they are incriminating the leadership itself.

Abiy is showing that he is a tyrant, when he arrests and get rid of critical voices. This is not the voice of reason, but voice of tyranny. The Prime Minister will be remembered for this. The actions made now. Shows there are no turning back and that he intends to use the means of TPLF to control the state and its citizens. He has learned their skills and now ushering it to the public.

The brutality of previous leaders are now shown in Abiy. He is using this against his own people of the Oromo. When his willing to do that, then he will do so against anybody who speaks up against him and his reign. He is willing to kill to stay on top. That is the reality now. This is why the state is arresting these Oromo leaders. As a signal of what they will do, if the public really starts to demonstrate and use their feet’s on the ground. Peace.

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