A memo on the Malawi 2020 Elections

There is proof in humanity and in the world that the people can overcome rigged elections. The incumbent President was willing to become the Tipp-Ex President in 2019. He was willing to overturn and use his office to overstay. While the public was really tired of him and his reign. The public was ready for change and someone else at the helm.

The incumbent as the results of the Fresh Presidential Elections was proclaimed has called this the “worst election ever”. He is right at one point with his statement, but not in the way he wants to be believed. Its the worst polls for him, because the public shunned him and didn’t support him. It is not the worst election in the sense of electoral malpractice or rigging. That was done in the previous election and the reason why it was null and void.

It is like incumbent cannot live on the laurels of the office. He wanted to use the army, use the state broadcaster and all the other tools at his disposal. Now, the incumbent have to give that up. He cannot even drive his big convoy of 40ish cars through the streets of Lilongwe. In his SUV he drives alone now and doesn’t have the soldiers or police officers guarding his every move.

The new president will feel the pressure and will be tested. His in an alliance and has to play his cards well. To both deal with the task at hand. Lazarus Chakwera has made promises to the people. The reverend has spoken against corruption and shady deals for years in opposition. Now he has to prove that his administration will not copy its predecessors with maize scandals and cashgate.

The new president need to fulfil his pledges and settle grievances. Yes there are moments to celebrate. Peter Mutharika is out of office. The DPP doesn’t have power anymore. Now, the liberation party MCP has with Chakwera at the helm. He got to step up and show capacity to lead.

His acceptance speech shown his maturity and his level of understanding. However, the actions he does in office will quickly reveal who he is and who his friends are. We can easily see, if his there for selfish reasons or for serving the public. That will be revealed. The President can decide on the outcome of his time in office. That depends on how he wants to serve that time.

Chakwera will work closely with Saulos Chilima. Both of them will have to step up and prove their game. They got to be big-men and prove their words. After years of challenging the governments in power. These two now has to deliver and show their skills. By the way they have spoken of good governance and spoken against the corrupt behaviour of the previous ones. They better act right now in office.

These two gentlemen better be the best examples of public officials. The duo better be there and act righteous. Chakwera and Chilima have to live up to their whole potential. The people have already celebrated them and fought for them. Now they got to serve and do it correct. Peace.

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