Opinion: Mwangi Kiunjuri is he selling butter or tropical mints now?

Mwangi Kiunjuri, the fall-guy, the sacked agriculture secretary in January 2020. The man who said locusts matured and wasn’t dangerous anymore. This man is now unleashing his own party. This being The Service Party (TSP).

People have mocked him over the logo and righteously so. It looks like a mix of Blue Band Butter and KSL. Others has wondered if he copied the KSL and the Tropical Mints. Whatever his selling it’s not trading well. The storage remains full and the bankruptcy is ticking in.

This is the first day and the launch. It should have been with flair and fanfare. Alas, it was a softball and joke. He should have hired a comedian and a singer to sing-a-long, because this wasn’t cutting it.

Kiunjuri is doomed. It is just a matter of how and when. If he thinks this will fly for 2022. Then his delusional or have some secret backers to help him out. He needs some serious cartels to pay for his drive and his party.

Maybe even have a consolidation fund to cover challenges from businesses suing over copying of their traded logos, if it is KSL or Blue Band. What we do know is that this is not useful. The former CS is selling himself short.

Also the name is weak tea. The Service Party? TSP? The Second Party? The Sanctuary Party?

I wonder who he plans to service? What sort of service? Will it have insurance or if your not happy can you return it?

It doesn’t sound like a party with any ideal or vision. Just a brief-case party to keep Kiunjuri preoccupied in opposition. That he has an office and feels important. His the leader of The Service Party for heavens sake. The mighty, the serviceable and well organized TPS. Peace.

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