Opinion: Electoral Commission should have used IPOD

I know Apple’s IPODs has been dead by all the innovations and various of uses with the Iphone. The Electoral Commission released their revised Road Map for the Elections in 2021 this week. What has been uncovered is that none of the parties, stakeholders was involved in the decision made the governing body on elections.

That is why people are questioning the “scientific digital campaigning” ahead of the polls in 2021. This has been dismissed, said nearly impossible and we know how privately run media houses are and how the government are banning opposition leaders from appearing on shows. Therefore, a lot of platforms will be closed or inaccessible for the voters and citizens. This in combination of the cost of the OTT Tax for social media and usage of internet services. All of this are in question in concern to this election.

With the technical problems of doing this, the framework and the lack of talks ahead shows a disregard of all the parties involved. The Inter-Party Organisation for Dialogue (IPOD) should have held a summit of some kind to hold talks. The Electoral Commission should have negotiated with IPOD. They are just really showing how the whole enterprise is useless. When the governing body of elections cannot even use them. Maybe, I have been right al along?

The IPOD is just for Pressers and PR stunt and not for actual reforms or dialogue. Even if it is in the title and in its name. The use of IPOD seems beyond redemption when the EC cannot even call them up and say “hello”.

We know the EC is all appointed by the regime and in the end will rig the elections in favour of them. If we thought otherwise, we would be naive and everyone born since the 1980s should know this. However, the EC could at least play for the press, the media and be direct with its stakeholders. By using the few minor platforms it has to have access to most of the political parties in the Republic. This is sadly enough a useless platform like IPOD.

There should have been a special summit, where non-members also could attend and the EC could have discussed their plans, their revisions and there could have a memorandum of understanding and statements deliberately explaining the changes and how the parties could use it. However, the EC and the government haven’t even the heart to do this. They are not even willing to play, only act supreme.

I know I have been critical of IPOD for years. This was a chance to give it a value. Not like the IPOD have had the ability to have electoral reforms ahead of this election. Neither has it made a difference with accountability or transparency in concern with the EC. Still, when it exist like it does. Then it should be used for things like this. If not just hang up the keys and close its doors.

The EC is showing its intent with this. It would be very easy to entertain and ensure the parties felt listened too. However, that they didn’t care about. That they doesn’t matter and doesn’t have a voice. Peace.

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