Opinion: Magufuli is untouchable now!

There was once upon a time a fragile man. A man with ego higher than all the mountains of the world. This man wants everything for himself and doesn’t want anyone to look into his work. His a hopeless romantic too. Why you say? Well, he wants everyone to give him roses and show him love. The people are supposed to praise him, dance for him and in behind closed chambers lap-dance. This is the life of President Joseph Pombe Magufuli.

Every step this man has taken in office has on a self-centred rally for more control. There is no steps which isn’t insulting the intelligence of men. The state and him can look into all the dirt, the damage and use all means to silence critics, journalists, activists and opposition figures. However, touching the President and his team is a cardinal sin. The pope, the closest to God isn’t as Untouchable as Magufuli.

Today we have gone further step in line of royalty and making him king supreme. The ego of this megalomaniac has no boundaries. This man will destroy everyone around him, but he expects everyone to be kind and pleasant around him. That is why the Parliament passed the Written Law (Miscellaneous Amendment) No. 3 of 2020.

In that law there are three sub-sections, which matter to the President. One where they are amending the Basic Rights and Duties Enforcement Act Cap. 3. Where they changed it to do this:

It is further recommended to introduce a new subsection which requires all suit or matters against the Heads of Organs of the State to be instituted against the Attorney General. The proposed amendment intends to enhance the provisions relating to immunity of Heads of Organs of States” (Written Law, 2020).

The second is an amendment of the Law Reform (Fatal Accidents and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, Cap 310. Which states this:

It is proposed to introduce new section 18A which enables suits or matters against the National Leaders (President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Speaker, Deputy Speaker or Chief Justice) to be instituted against the Attorney General. The proposed amendment intends to enhance the provisions relating to immunity of Heads of Organs of States” (Written Law, 2020).

We can clearly get the memo from this. The President and his team is immune from all suits, civil suits and any court proceeding while in office. In essence making the President above the law. Also, the rest of his high ranking officials are avoiding the law too. As they got to go directly a the Attorney General since the President and his appointed fellows are above the law. There is no other way to look at it. They are having immunity from prosecution and sued for their possible abuse of the law.

Just to top it off, the third one is here:

Part XIII of the Bill proposes to amend the Presidential Affairs Act, Cap. 9. It is proposed to amend section 6 with a view to deferring any civil proceedings against the President on his capacity as a citizen until when he ceases to hold office” (Written Law, 2020).

The first two provisions or amendments are while in office. However, this third one is that his immunity last until he finished in office. That means as long as his in office his untouchable. There isn’t any court or suit that can be filed against him. How petty and little are you? You have the most powerful office of the Republic and you cannot manage suing you for your unjust behaviour?

That is the sort of man Magufuli is. He wants ballads written about him, he wants soft porn poetry from the sweetest lips whispered into his ears. The President needs the constant validation and assurance that only he can be on top. The Executive, the Head of State needs to be looked after and given credit for the slightest thing. That is why this man wants all the glory, but doesn’t want to be accountable. This is the sort of man the President is and have become over the years.

That he now wants to be above the law isn’t shocking. If he wants to be self-styled President of Life. Wouldn’t be shocking either. As he has given no way to anyone speaking up against him. This man will dig the graves of the persons in his way. Soon, he will hire mercenaries to get rid of the ones daring to challenge him. There is no concern of life, unless its his. His life is more important than anyone else in the Republic.

The stars, the moons and the sun first shines on President Joseph Pombe Magufuli. After that it might glean towards us. However, remember it always on his highness first. He is the priority, the Very Important Person (VIP) and the who cannot be touched. Peace.

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