Malawi: Mutharika’s SONA Election comments are misfortunate at best

Let us admit we have a dilemma between going to an Election too soon or preventing the spreading of Coronavirus. As a nation, we need to make a collective decision. This Parliament must make its voice heard before the people” (Mutharika, 04.06.2020).

In the Republic of Malawi as it is preparing and making itself ready for a second round of Presidential Elections. After a mismanaged and rigged one in 2019. The Courts annulled the results of the National Elections, which stopped the automatic second term for President Peter Mutharika. That’s maybe why his extra salty. Maybe that’s why he has catched feelings and getting dodgy in concern to the Courts.

I am sure the President and his team wouldn’t have said a thing, if the same Courts had validated the National Election in 2019. However, his in a temporary position, as the Republic are awaiting the next polls. Because, his there and the statements made by him is deliberate actions.

Like this one:

This Parliament respects the Courts. But that does not mean that we must agree with every judgement that comes from the Courts. We must all hold one another accountable. Let me say one thing for record. With the decision which the Court has made on the issue of irregularities, we will never, never have a valid and credible Election in this country because there will always be some irregularities in any Election. We have set a precedence by which the next Election will be even more disputable. We have set a precedence when your election as Members of Parliament can be nullified just because a well-meaning officer tried to correct a mistake using tippex” (Mutharika, 04.06.2020).

His taken the paradigm, that the Malawian Electoral Commission (MEC) never can follow procedures nor follow electoral regulations. That says more about the appointed staff and their capabilities. His indirectly saying, the institutions and the laws are not fitting together. That is why the President thinks this way and therefore, he can now excuse it himself. If the results isn’t in his favour, because the results is easily seen as disputable and lack credibility.

That is a deliberate act by the President. Instead of chasing and making the system better for the polls. He instead both blaming the Courts and MEC at the same time. As he can point out that and most likely he will. The elections could be credible, if the authorities and the Electoral Commission actually follows Electoral Laws. It should be that simple and also being transparent and accountable while at it. Instead of rigging the results and using tipp-ex to secure the incumbent a victory.

In as far as the result of an Election is intact, then the will of the people prevails. We cannot, and we should never, nullify an Election if any irregularities do not affect the results of the Election. Nullifying an Election is nullifying the will of the people” (Mutharika, 04.06.2020).

This here is just infuriating. Here indirectly the President said its fine wit h election rigging, as long as that initially results are the same. Which wouldn’t be true, because if the will of the people was something else. Than the authorities and MEC wouldn’t rig the numbers for someone. Then its the will of the ones counting the votes, not the voters. That should be B-A-S-I-C. Alas, not in the case of Peter. Who thinks nullification of elections shouldn’t happen, because rigged elections are cool as long it benefits the likes of him.

He calls it the will of the people, even with the rigging. However, if rigging is cool, than its not the will of the actual people, but the will of the ones rigging. Someone needs to give this lesson to the President.

Nevertheless, I think that is a lost cause. Let me tipp-ex myself out. Just kidding. Peace.

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