Ethiopia: The Prime Minister’s use of ‘Medemer’ is out of a tyrants play-book

It has been revealed that the Oromia Education Bureau are spending 3.4m birrs buying the book of Primer Minister Ahmed Ali Abiy. This is the ‘Medemer, however, that’s not all. The same Bureau of Oromia is spending more 5,6m birrs on teaching it too.

What this is the old-school method of indoctrinating your ideals, your words and your political ideology on children. There is reports that this money spent by the Education Bureau is footing the bill of making the book into a audio-book.

There is also reports that the book is being read on public radio for the whole public to listen too. This so weird from a so called “progressive” and a “reformer”. Unless, his faking it into his making it. Because this is the means of leaders, which the likes of him isn’t supposed to associated with.

Maybe, the ideal leader and reformer for the Ethiopian PM is to be like Chairman Mao. As he indoctrinated the Chinese people with his Little Red Book. Alas, also the Libyan dictator Gaddafi’s Green Book. Both of these fella’s used their books insert their message to everyone.

This is surely not a sign of a man whose there for greatness. When the Prime Minister using his office to sell his book and spell-out his message this way. The PM is acting as a dictator with this one. Proving that his “reforming” ways isn’t so real. Because, if they we’re it wouldn’t be that self-serving.

The Prime Minister seemingly see this as a good idea, maybe even a profitable one for him too. Since, he will get the royalties for the publishing of the book and enrich himself. While the citizens and the children has to learn his teachings without any hesitation.

This indoctrinating a dogma, a idea and a message without even clarifying the purpose. If there ever was a move of a dictator and ta totalitarian state. This one is like the fashionable idea of a tyrant, who has to both spew the same message through your ear, in print and at primary education.

If Abiy wants to be a dictator, this is a clear message. At least to people like me. Than, I believe the dark ages will return and there will be less will to reform. As everything will revolve around him and his whims. That’s not a sign of reform, but a one-party state. Which was my worry, when the EPRDF consolidated into the Prosperity Party.

This sort of action is an act of that. A tyrant would be proud of Abiy for doing this. Therefore, I ask myself, is that the message Abiy want to send to the world? If so, he can be proud and if not he should scrap these sort of things as soon as possible. Unless, his so far up his own ass, that he cannot see the issues with this. I anticipate the last, because someone who does this got an ego higher than Mount Everest. Peace.

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