Opinion: I don’t want to walk in the shoes of Nhial Deng Nhial…

I know today is supposed to be celebratory as Nhial Deng Nhial was sworn in as Presidential Affairs Minister after the President fired Mayiik Ayii Deng. He was supposedly fired for not managing a road building project in Western Bahr el Ghazal. That means, Nhial could easily be fired too.

Both of these gentlemen are long living allies of the President. President Salva Kiir Mayardit knows this and therefore decided for this man.

Nhial has history of working hard, being part of the mediation with the current peace agreement as the Chief Negotiator. His already a high ranking official, because his part of the SPLM Political Bureau.

So, its not like Nhial doesn’t know he goes into. I hope he does, because when the President can sack someone easily like he did with Deng, than Nhial could easily go into the chopping-block too.

Because, seemingly there should be transparency and accountability from all institutions of the state. However, that is not so deeply rooted in the republic, as grand corruption and other matters, which is overbearing.

Nevertheless, Nhial knows all of this and he will carry this office, an office created in 2011. Now Nhial will oversee the activities of the President. A man who rules by decree for now, as the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGoNU) are formed, but the not the Transitional National Legislative Assembly. That’s why he can continue like this for now.

This gives Nhial and Kiir massive powers for now. His part of the inner-circle, know the drill and was part of the negotiation team. If anybody knows how things works its Nhial.

Still, I wouldn’t want to be Nhail, because if a guy like Deng can fall out of favour over a road-building project. How easily could Nhial be fired without any explanation. That is to be anticipated. Nevertheless, Nhail will still be a high ranking official within the ruling party.

But… when Kiir can drop one so easily in this position. I wouldn’t really touch it. Since, he is firing you and not looking into his own deficiencies as the Head of State. Its easier to fire someone else and cast the blame, than actually stand responsible. That is how it looks from afar.

However, congratulations Nhail and I wouldn’t want to be you. At this point, at this stage, your in a position you cannot win and you can only loose. It is just a matter of how much your willing to loose. Peace.

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