Keeping up with Kaguta S1E16: Village TV to the Rescue

If drivers from other countries had not been sent back to their countries of origin and recorded there, we would have had about 800 cases registered today (at least)Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (01.06.2020).

Last time President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni held his traditional and steady National Address was on the 19th May 2020. Therefore, his kept it low for a minute. This is the 16th National Address, which is made in connection with the global COVID-19 or Coronavirus Pandemic.

Nevertheless, there will time to digress, but not today. As standard procedure in this manner. I will not deep dive. Just take my favourite quotes from the speech and drop my 2 cents on the matter. There is so much to life, than listening and analysing another speech word-by-word by the Self-Styled President for Life.

Here we go:

Given that the vulnerable economy is suffering we cannot, therefore, lose earnings from the exports of coffee (by blocking the trucks) “the trucks also bring in raw materials for factories like Mukwano industries” – Museveni (01.06.2020).

Fighters don’t panic, you should persevere in all the necessary efforts that are crucial Museveni (01.06.2020).

So really,there is no need to panic, what we are doing is in order” – Museveni (01.06.2020).

Boda bodas have been agitating to resume work, but no. They cannot practice social distancing because the passenger is too close to the rider. What the boda bodas can do in the least now is to keep quiet & wait until the virus is over” – Museveni (01.06.2020).

If you don’t have the right mask stay home. Be on sunshine for at least one hour a day to get vitamin” – Museveni (01.06.2020).

Government to give two TV sets per village and a radio per household to ease distance learning” – Museveni (01.06.2020).

The provisional food will continue, we have just finished one phase. I appeal to you to stop telling lies, don’t say, “I didn’t get food” when you got” – Museveni (01.06.2020).

Well, there we have it. I will not drop more gems, someone else can collect them all. I am tired of it. Sure, the ones living in the Republic is even more. As there are no clear cut direct message.

What is striking is his continues defence of the truck-drivers and their importance today. However, today he wasn’t afraid of the daughters touching the drivers, maybe that has changed with social distancing. Who knows, right?

Also, he had to drop a proverb on the 1986 and the bush-war, as the perseverance of it lingers today in his mansion and his enriched lifestyle. Living safe and sound in luxury, while most of his citizens and peasants are living in utter poverty.

He has even blocked the boda-boda further, one profession blocked from working. In the past, they were at least allowed to carry things and bob’s for people. Now, they are supposed to be stand-guard and await the cure of COVID-19. They cannot even carry cargo, if I understood the President right.

The issues of masks persist and surprise, surprise the state cannot deliver enough mask on time or in the fashion of need. They will struggle to do this and produce enough of it. The old promises (which is just a few weeks old, actually) is clearly to much to handle.

That is why today is even more rich, as the President has already promised steady food, masks and now will ensure TVs and Radios. There are 140,000 villages, if they are getting two TV’s each that is 280,000 TVs alone. LG and Samsung must pray to the gods if they get this order. Whose donating this or paying this bill? Secondly, isn’t there villages lacking electricity or having steady load-shedding? Last, but not least, wouldn’t that mean the village will congregate around the TVs and not follow the Scientific Social-Distancing?

The TV and Radio thing is a paradigm shift, the sort of Universal Primary Education sort of pledge. Where all houses are getting a free radio. Unless, he has a Chinese conglomerate on speed-dial delivering these at retail price. There is no way this is happening. Not now and not never, he has to burn his Switzerland account or something to pay this one off and he will not sacrifice his wealth at this point. Especially not for radios for everyone. Not even in a up-coming election year. He still haven’t delivered the promised garden hoes to all families across the Republic, which he pledges in 2015. So, aye aye Captain and good luck.

The last one is just disgraceful and distasteful, as the state haven’t delivered and haven’t supplied the public. If it has, it been one deliver during the 75 days of lockdown. Its beyond devestation and despair at this point of time. Instead of begging forgiveness for his mediocre performance, he instead expects applause. Something he doesn’t deserve.

I’m looking forward to see the receipts for the tenders and the procurement of radios and TVs as the state will mess this up. One way or another. Mask-Off or Face-Off, nevertheless, I’m awaiting the verdict of the Minister for Crocodiles. Peace.

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