Zimbabwe: A COVID-19 Tender Scandal of epic proportions

If you thought the New Dispensation and the “new” government of the Lacoste branch of Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) or President Emmerson Mnangagwa would make a difference. Than your a terribly wrong, because we’re seeing the same thing happening all over again.

Because the Ministry of Health without tenders bought products from Drax International LLC. Where they had inflated the prices on face-masks from $3 to sell them at $28. Testing kits are sold at $12 and selling them at $34. These where imported from Namibia, where Mnangagwa’s Bodyguard had registered a company. While the son of Mnangagwa, Collins also was involved in this scheme.

The President, his son and his closest associates are involved. The Minister of Health Obadiah Moyo has accepted this and letting this one slide. The Ministry and the President is accepting this deal of $60 million tender, as the prices on PPE and Tests are inflated. Where there are shell-companies, whose addresses and locations are flimsy at best. Either in the UAE or Switzerland, while some say they are connected to Namibia.

It’s even a second company in the mix too, this being Jaji Investments, which ownership I don’t know, but has been reported on as well. This is all the same old, same old. Where prices of imports sky-rockets and the public paying shady prices to associates closely connected the Presidency.

They are using the COVID-19 as a get-rich scheme. Importing needed equipment and testing kits for inflated prices. The Ministry of Health pays it and the ones involved gets massive wealth out of it. This is ripping of the system and the public in general.

They did the same with the Command Agricultural Scheme too. These are just the new people inside the government. That is using all means to get rich and not serve the public. You don’t need sanctions to hurt the economy, when the insiders are looting you from within. Peace.

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