Opinion: Evariste won, who knew, right?

Today, the announcement of the CNDD-FDD successor and victor Evariste Ndayishimiye, as the new President of Burundi. This after the polls on the 20th May 2020 with no one observing it or anybody allowed to watch over the counting. The state did it all in darkness, opposition activists detained, other opposition parties in exile and intimidation ahead of the polls.

Therefore, the results are all in favour of the ruling regime. The party of Nkurunziza and CNDD-FDD. The ones who has used all means to stay power. The party and organization that even created a violent youth organization, Imbonerakure to quell dissidents. This party wouldn’t run free and fair elections. The party who secured and had safeguarded Nkurunziza to another term. Unless, he changed his mind and decided the route of Kabila is his way to go.

Now, we are seeing that, Nkurunziza has a loyal ally in Ndayshimiye. His handpicked for this and his never been under fire by Pierre. Pierre trust this man and has had him under his wings. If he didn’t and never gave him a role as the Secretary General of the Party. He wouldn’t have rose to the occasion.

Evariste knows this and will play along. That is why the former President, the retired man is still the hero. The Supreme Leader of Patriotism. Meaning he still have influence. Still has government salary and benefits. Will be paid handsomely and only hold one speech a year for it. That is a sweet gig.

However, that is the backdrop. The CNDD-FDD and its force will not stop by this. The internal bickering, the violence and intimidation will not stop. The head and the official head of state has changed. Nevertheless, don’t believe Pierre will chill-out and not say something. His been ruling practically by decree and direct orders. He will not give that up, but sure by the time ticking by. There will be meetings in his home and behind close doors. Where Evariste will be directed by Pierre.

If not, I don’t believe Pierre will just take a long vacation after three terms and a civil war. I don’t think a man whose willing to breach the Arusha Accord without effort. Will suddenly vanish and give way to Evariste. Hell no… that is naive and stupid. A man who amassed all power and reigned supreme. Will not just go up in smoke. Especially, when everyone who stood in his way got taken out as well. If not they fled as soon as possible.

So, with that in mind. Nkurnziza might left the building, but his still lingering in the shadows of it. He will have influence and not become a relic of the past. Nope, he will touch Evariste and his reign. That is why his the Supreme Leader and the other man is the President. Peace.

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