Magufuli’s Comic Relief: Detaining a comedian for laughing

On Tuesday this week, the Tanzanian Authorities has again arrested the comedian Idris Sultan. This after a video of the comedian went viral after he laughed while watching at old pictures of President Joseph Magufuli.

Last time he got into trouble was in October 2019, when he posted a Instagram or Twitter where he changed the face of the President with himself. Because the authorities deemed that actions as disrespectful.

This week, the authorities called it bullying of the President for a man to laugh of his old pictures. If you wondered how little of a man the President and his Team is. This proves it and shows how little it takes to get on his nerves.

President Magufuli should be better than this, but he cannot help himself. He just needs praise, love and care. His the little flower-boy who needs steady support care and is a big baby. The President needs his diaper change, ironed his trousers and enough spoons of sugar in his tea. Because if you don’t do that. Then he will be like a furious dragon spitting fire in the living room. That is who he is apparently.

His such a sheltered and weak man. That cannot manage any sort of ridicule or bad talk about himself. The President is so fragile, that even fine China is more stable and need less care. Because if your acting one milly-second wrong. You can be rest assured, he will tear you asunder or ensure your demise. That boost his little ego and secure that he feels like a tiger.

That is why a comedian cannot laugh at his old pictures. He wants the sweet memories like a Maroon 5 song or Bob Marley. He don’t want someone mocking him or making jokes. That is beneath him. His the king, the pope and the greatest ever walking in suits in the United Republic of Tanzania. Even if he got nothing to show for it.

His the bulldozer, who cannot even be touched. He can touch whoever in his way, but no one can say or even think about this man. If you do, expect someone to lock you up and throw away the key. No one should even consider writing about this man or even spread a malicious word. You will go missing before dawn.

My futile advice to President Magufuli is grow a pair of balls and be a grown ass man in office. Not be a little kid with fire and fury. Be a man who can stomach criticism and actually be a Head of State. Secondly and most importantly in this fashion. Use his office to act with care for his citizens and be responsible.

Because arresting people for laughing of old photos of you. Only undress you Mr. President, that your the emperor without clothes. Instead, of showing your greatness or character. Your showing the world that you got only vengeance. You got no humility and deep understanding of your role. If you did, you would scoff this off and refurbish a hospital.

Instead he does this to himself. Magufuli is the supposed King of the Castle, but instead he acts like the jester. Peace.

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