Opinion: No honest election happens in darkness [Burundi]

Today is the day when people of the Republic of Burundi went to polls. In the interest of CNDD-FDD and to align the successor of President Pierre Nkurunziza, the Supreme Leader of Patriotism. The man who has handpicked his successor, Evariste Ndayishimiye.

What is striking about this election is that there is no Election Observation Mission (EOM) and the civil society organizations has been under fire as long as I can remember. Therefore, there are not many eyes on the elections. Except for a few friendly ambassadors, whose not trained nor has the education to catch a fraud. Even if it appeared right in front of their eyes.

The Attorney General of the Republic has on the 18th May ordered that no public should gather around the polling station when the counting is ocuring. They as society should focus on Social Distancing away from the Polling Stations. Which is ridiculous, knowing the month ahead of the polls. There was massive gatherings for every single rally of both the CNL and CNDD-FDD. If there ever was a lie, this is a big one.

Than, you have the social media blockade on the day. When the authorities suddenly without forewarning. Just ensure the public has to use VPN to access WhatsApp and whatnot. Because, the authorities are afraid of the words and leaks from the election. Like it was done in secret.

While the President cast his ballot. The public cheers in silence. The police are enforcing strict laws and the public just supposed to show up and stand in long queues. That is what it does.

We know, the state will cook the results. The results are already fixed. The end-game is already there. If it wasn’t, the President and his loyal men wouldn’t be out there. They just needs it and will use all means. Therefore, I don’t expect any honest and sincere results out of this.

Not that the EOMs would change that, but they could uncover more irregularities. Because, the CENI will cook the numbers. They will ensure the men of the President and CNDD-FDD gets their place. The CNL if they get anything. It will a honourable position. The same with the rest of the opposition parties. They will get scraps, play a minority role.

There is even reports of arrests of CNL leaders and activists on the day of ballots. So, its not like the state even tries to keep their dismay of the proceedings. There is not middle-ground or even trying to keep things a secret. However, this is the government that last time used the courts to validate an illegal third term for Nkurunziza. They even voted to ensure he was legal for a fourth round.

Nevertheless, to save grace and still have power. He “retired” into Supreme Leader. Therefore, he still have power and control. Maybe not the office and title of “head of state”. But, the man will be powerful and will have an ear to everything. Surely, he will entangle himself and secure that Evariste does the right thing. To think otherwise is naive. A man who has used force and intimidated his enemies. Will not suddenly back-out, unless he knows he has immunity and doesn’t fear for his future.

Nkurunziza will officially not be in-charge, but he will not go away. Ndayishimiye is the President in waiting. Don’t expect anything else. His the guy to look out for, but know Pierre will has his say. Agathon Rwasa is just a pawn and the King stays the King. Peace.

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