Keeping up with Kaguta S1E15: Clarifications

I thought that I could clarify about a few points that I read out yesterday. I read out a list of long restrictions” Yoweri Kaguta Museveni (19.05.2020).

Today’s 15th National Address on COVID-19 Pandemic is in response to his own National Address yesterday. No, this is not a joke, but our mere reality appearing in front of our eyes. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has to answer to his own stuttering words. He doesn’t even need someone to spar with, he just need to battle himself and that’s self-explanatory. Sadly, this is true..

So, here we are on the 19th May 2020 and have to listen to the 15th National Address and still confused. The President will back-track and make people even more fuzzed than the day before. Just expect someone be typing statements like crazy tomorrow and some ministers listening in. To ensure their authority and their ministries are covered with explanations ahead of the current lockdown. As the measures are as steady as the mind of the old-man and his lonely vision.

With this in mind.

Here is the quotes I find unique from this evening:

Private cars will be allowed to move on the 26th but must wear the right masks and those who can get masks on their own, we don’t mind provided they are the right quality” (Museveni, 19.05.2020).

For the other measures, like shops,hotels, restaurants, operations should start on the 26th of May but considering all the measures put in place” (Museveni, 19.05.2020).

The Public service tried to convince me to be like other presidents and get a lot of money but I said NO. I have been earning just 3.6M since 1996” (Museveni, 19.05.2020).

The clarifications was a few more dates, as the uncertainty to what happens before the 2nd June ending of lockdowns was there yesterday. Today, there are more uncertainty, but also a closure of people riding in cars. They cannot be half-full, before the passengers and driver wears masks, apparently.

We are seeing the “clarification” on shops and such too. So, its not like shops whose not connected to arcades or malls can open up. Neither can the ordinary ones with possibility of social-distancing. They all have to wait over the weekend still. So, there is no quick opening here. Just more waiting and suspense.

Last piece worth noting was the lie of his salary. That will be his nominal salary, but his State House gets billions on shillings every year. Everything is covered and the State House even has a giant donation budget. So, if the President boost about giving away money. He has allocated money for that every year. Secondly, we all know he own businesses, hotels and whatnot. He owns ranches and other things in the Republic. The salary he has is only a tear-drop into the Atlantic Ocean. His richer than God and the Vatican. The President can buy out Uganda, maybe once or twice. However, he will claim to be a “wealthy” man, but his filthy rich.

That’s enough for today. The saga continues. Peace.

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