Keeping up with Kaguta S1E14: Mask-on or Mask-off?

There is a season 4 of lockdowns, as there will be extended for another 21 days until 2nd June 2020. The Republic is still under lockdown. Even as there are some measures, where the Presidential Directives giving way and letting people go back to work. With his 14th National Address yesterday. He pushed it even further. What was also striking about yesterday, was that the Address itself was supposed to happen today. So, maybe the posho-stunt wasn’t enough. Therefore.. sigh.. he had to show up early to steer conversation.

The government will provide standard masks to all Ugandans aged 6 years and above, these will be distributed through the District Local Council system. Each person will be allocated one mask which must be worn all the time when in public” (Yoweri Kaguta Musveni, 18.05.2020).

Earlier in the year, the President has said NYTIL is the local producer of COVID-19 Masks. However, there is a new statement where the machiens are working, but still their levels of production isn’t as high as the needs. This means, that the President has to procure like crazy to cover all citizens with free masks. Not like the state has been able to distribute food and steady enough. That is why he had to show how little posho a person needs to eat. Scientifically off course.

Just like it will be magically distributed across the Republic, as the Task-Force haven’t managed to distribute food to 1,5 million people in Kampala and Wakiso district. Therefore, it is very rich that the same folks are supposed to be able to give away masks to everyone. They need a streamline ordering from Taiwan yesterday evening or best in February. So they are sure the boat with masks are arriving in time for the two week deadline. As it has to secured paperwork in Mombasa Port too.

What is special is that there is a ban up to about 14 days to the public is supposed to have all free masks. While the borders are closed for 21 days. Also still a closure of mostly everything in every border district, which is plenty and all around the Republic.

What is more striking is also that the President opened at one minute for public transport if there was three persons in the car. However, is this with or without masks?

Yes there are still closed bars, saunas and gyms. Shops in malls closed, but the ones detached are able to open. As long as they can social distance. Also other things.

So, what we do need is maybe one of his bunch of ministers to follow the directives and directions of the President. Explain what this means and what really goes. Since, there will easily be confused by the old man. He says one thing, but it differs from the other statement.

Seems like there will be more hazardous problems ahead. Just like the empty promises in the past addresses. The same will happen now. It is no one who can produce the amount of masks the Republic needs in two weeks. Neither seems it like Ali Baba founder Jack Ma will suddenly do a “Dumbo drop” on Kololo Airstrip within a few days. Unless, he has some secret procurement from the public and actually uses the Confidential Expenditure for the common good. However, don’t expect that. That’s all for his spoils and his enrichment.

The public needs food and not only masks. The COVID-19 Fund haven’t done its job. That’s why the public is starving. Where they are struggling to eat, because of staying home, lacking funds to buy needed staple food or areas of landslides. Therefore, there are plenty of issues at hand, not only COVID-19 lockdown, but landslides, locusts and so-on. The state should answer to this, not only where they didn’t do the job. They are representing the whole Republic and need

So, you can wonder how hard this continued lockdowns without measures in place to help. There is too many people who hasn’t gotten the help they need. That should worry the President. Instead, he loves the flashing lights and stopping ordinary broadcasting. So, that he can ramble without a coherent ideas. That’s why there is report of a 15th National Address tonight to address the uncertainties created last night.

Showing again. That the man and his handlers knows the problems with his utterance yesterday. Because, who knows what goes. He should be as direct as he was with the knocking down of a goat the other day. If he was a direct as that. Than, the LDUs, Police Force and everyone else would know what goes. However, with the man its hard to know.

Maybe, some of his advisors and press cadres could write it all and then he would read it to the public. Even give the old man a Teleprompter and ensure he gets steady on a topic. Instead of suddenly going into a pastoral mode and reading scriptures, instead of policies and new regulations to follow. That make sense right?

Let’s see, but don’t expect to be enlighten. Only brazen misuse three hours of your life and only getting a sentence or two, which makes sense. Peace.

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