Opinion: UGX 10k donation drive from COVID-19 Fund is just distasteful…

In a Republic, where the Members of Parliament just delivered 20 million shillings either to pet projects in their communities or directly back to the state. In the same Republic, where the MPs got 40 million shillings to vote in favour of praising the President. The COVID-19 Fund is asking all employees to contribute 10,000 shillings to the COVID-19. These are ordinary working folk, the ones who cannot even touch the NSSF Fund and get payback on their contributions there for their retirement. As in the time of need and during lockdown, the workers have been stifled and eaten beans.

Therefore, its mighty rich of the COVID-19 to ask the Chief Executives to stifle the workers and give them less salary so they can over the COVID-19 Fund. Just as the State is getting loans and grants from everywhere. From the World Bank, from the IMF and elsewhere. There is piling in money to cover the costs of the pandemic. Surely, this money will got 4W Drive SUVs for RDCs and High Ranking Officials. Not like this money will go to PPE, Nurses Salaries or anything substantial in the midst of a global pandemic.

So, its really disgraceful and distasteful to do this. To send a letter asking the Chief Executive to shave off salaries of the workers. Who has already struggled and need every shilling for their day to day expenses. Let’s be clear, let the wealthy, the factory owners, the foreign investors and the State House pay-off this. Lets use the Confidential Expenditure to cover the COVID-19 Fund. Instead of spending on side-dishes, ammunition and whatnot.

The COVID-19 Fund should appeal to the President and the Ministry of Planning, Finance and Economic Development (MoPFED). Not ask for donations from the average workers. That is like a volunteer tax. The state either taxes it directly or they get wealthy donations to the COVID-19. However, when the MPs and other state officials are eating large.

This sort of enterprise is insincere and disingenuous. Yes, the COVID-19 Fund is meant well, but what its asking for and the way they do it isn’t it. The state who has begged international donors to save its budget. Should use that to salvage this fund, not ask workers who couldn’t get monetary help during the lockdown. That is not right, but just deceitful. Peace.

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