Opinion: 3 VIPs get special treatment

There been leaked a two letters exposing that three persons are allowed to enter the Republic and get quarantined after entering the Republic. First Foreign Minister Sam Kutesa wrote to Ethiopian Airlines on the 13th May 2020. On the 14th May 2020 the follow up letter from Director General of Health Services Dr. Henry G. Mwebesa to Minister Beti Kamya.

Both this letters shows that three persons are getting Very-Important-Person treatment. This the ones that getting bottle-service both in Church and in the Club. These are the sort of people that should be in the midst of the Presidential Convoy. They should be so unique, that next line of currency coming up. Their mugshots should be on it.

Since, they can consistently enter the Republic in the midst of the worldwide pandemic. They get the use of the state from all parts of it apparently. Soon, they might be greeted by Vice-President Edward Ssekandi on arrival with the Ethiopian Airlines.

I don’t these people are front-line workers. Neither do I think this needed services of the state. This is the same state that has blocked Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine to get Ugandan citizens home from China. However, that hasn’t been a priority, even with the outcries and open racism towards African Nationals in China.

Still, these people are left behind. Being students and foreign workers of Ugandan citizens. Whose stuck there and not helped to return home. Nevertheless, these VIPs get the full-house and get paid-in-full.

The sort of suction they have and ability shows their of a certain stature. They are eating of the plates of Kings. Since, they can get Foreign Minister Kutesa to move, and also get the Director General of Health Services Mwebesa to move.

There are clearly some people who doesn’t need to adhere to Presidential Directives and who has the back of the state. These three are clearly those, who apparently, doesn’t need to adhere or act like the rest. They can live lavish, travel as they please and get the high ranking officials to vouch for their actions. While other people are lingering abroad… and has no shot of getting home in the midst of this pandemic. Which is so rich, ironically.

So, let me stop there, before I repeat myself to much and that’s give the me the jitters. So, with that in mind. Peace.

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