Burundi: Expelled [Person Non Grata] a Team of Experts from WHO!

Well, this is apparently happening, as of today. There been released a letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs directed to the World Health Organization offices in Brazzaville, in the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville). Where one of the experts came from, this being Dr. Walter Kazindi Mulumbo.

The are three more experts and doctors who was banished or “person non grata” from its territory. These are Dr. Daniel Tarzy, Dr. Ruhana Mirindi Bisimbwa, and Dr. Jean Pierre Mulunda Nkata. All of these is stated to be from the Democratic Republic of Congo or part of the United Nations Mission in Congo (MONUSCO). However, I don’t have that verified. What matters is that these doctors and experts has to flee the Republic and in haste. They are not welcomed, even if they are coming there to give advice and help the authorities to deal with the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

What is clearly stated by the letter is that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs says their final day in the Republic is 15th May 2020. They received the letter on the 12rth May 2020. The International Airport in Bujumbura is temporary closed for international flights because of COVID-19. The reason why the team came in the first place.

Therefore, this is very peculiar, but not shocking. In a state where civil society has been battled, where political affiliation is life or death. In a state where the ruling regime rules with an iron fist. In this reality, the eviction of a few people doesn’t hurt much. Even in the midst of a pandemic. Where the Republic releases very little information nor does anything really about it. They are in campaign mode and into getting the successor on the throne at any cost.

That CNDD-FDD and Nkurunziza would do this isn’t shocking. It shouldn’t be. This is the Modus Operandi. This is what they do. They just do it sort of diplomatically and gives you a proper send-off. Take a hike Mike and find a bike or something to cross into Rwanda, Democratic Republic or something. Hitch-hike from Bujumbura to the borders and hope your lucky to pass across.

That is how it seems. Because, it is not like the state has a lockdown, has curfew or social distancing. They are parading in the streets and holding rallies. They are going from town to town paint it ready for the polls on the 20th May 2020.

That is why the state doesn’t need a WHO Report on their indifference to COVID-19 or the Coronavirus. They don’t need foreigners to questions their actions, their inactions or anything. They just need to move. That is the initial message. This is the same republic that has stopped Election Observers in the same time-frame and made it impossible have foreign observer teams to oversee the polls. Therefore, sending these home fits like a glove.

Burundi wants to be a pariah-a state, it is like its a prize and that they long to have the title. Be the Grand Dictatorship of East Africa. Be the beacon of totalitarian efforts and wants to be in the same league as North Korea. That is the dream, that’s why it wants to make things bloody and ensure total destruction of oversight. Nobody is supposed to see anything anyway. Except if your high ranking official in the CNDD-FDD, than your authorized to do everything in your power.

Well, so a WHO TEAM became “Person Non Grata” in the midst of the Global Pandemic. We know we live in a stupid timeline. When this is a thing, but so is our leaders too. Since, they lack common sense to implement proper conditions to stop the spread. Instead, they play ignorant, hoping it will just go away. Peace.

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