A Quarantine Memo Part III: It’s now modified (10.05.2020)

Kick in the door, waving the four-four

All you heard was Poppa don’t hit me no more

Kick in the door, waving the four-four

All you heard was Poppa don’t hit me no more” The Notorious B.I.G aka Biggie – ‘Kicking in the Door’ (1997).

Oslo, Norway 10th May 2020

Well, so here I am at this very moment preparing for yet another week with home office. Things are changing. In my home town they are serving beer and alcohol at the pubs, restaurants are slowly opening again. The normalcy is sort of returning, but with modifications. Less public transport, more home-office and adjustment in concern of cleaning of public spaces.

There are less death, less transmitted disease, the fear and worry of going to the grocery is sort of gone. Even if the knowledge that this could be a temporary state. Because, these sort of pandemics goes in cycles. Even we are going down on the curve as we speak. There is still a possibility of second wave, which can hit as hard or harder. Since people took it easy after the first measures and lockdowns.

We are not the only one, because the economy is the blessing that rules earth. “Cash Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M Get the Money, Dollar Dollar Bill Y’All” (Wu Tang Clan). The words of the wordsmiths of Wu Tang still resonates with me too this day. With every living day on this earth, the addiction and the needs for currency gets ever so real.

That is why in the midst of a pandemic. Rising numbers of deaths. The still current escalations around us. Still governments tumbling to fix it. South Korea tried to re-open some functions, they closed them, when there cases connected them to them. They we’re open a hot minute before closing. Therefore, the project re-open needs to be done with care and consideration. Not only to the powerful dollar. That will not solve anything, maybe monetary liquidity of failing enterprises, but lives will be lost over the saving grace of silver coins.

We can wonder for ourselves, if the re-opening will be another social experiment. Where the state with an app and adjustments hopes that lesser people catches the sickness. Less people interact and uphold the social distance, washing of hands and such. Because, sooner or later these lessons might go astray. Since, there is no signs or effects in the open. As everything is normalizing. Has that been considered?

That is the risk of opening, even with the measures at hand. People will behave like people. That is just the way it is. This is the reality. We can hope that all the sanitizers, the cleanliness and all other efforts sticks until a vaccine is on the horizon. However, until then the reality needs to be caution. We have not been under lockdown, under self preserved quarantine for months and not ensured safety of more people. Neither, not having results of public change.

It is easy to forget, but for me… I have been stuck in my own home since mid-March. I am grateful to be as healthy as I went in. However, we can’t loose the end-game here. That we have remedy and cure, that he a fix for the issue. Because, right now, we are losing up for the mighty dollar and not because lives matters. Yes, these months has been a burden on companies, organizations and the state. But, money they can print new every single day, but, but a person only lives once.

That is why that unique person should be valued more than the currency. Yes, we all got to live, have a livelihood and a working society. However, for a short while trading away the perks, the benefits of 2020 and the socialization we are used too. Might do good, because we might extend someone’s life, who has medical conditions, which easily can harm that person even more if it gets COVID-19. That’s why its worth it and that’s the pivotal thing for the self-quarantine.

Not because the challenge was big for me or for anyone else sticking to home office. To not take public transport and follow advice. However, the greater good, the achievement of serving everyone as a citizen and as a person. Yes, it cost, but it is meagre compared to the ones whose really suffering. I just stayed in my home and only went to the grocery. This is nothing compared to others who fought in wars or faced starvation. We are lucky in that sense, that this was our way out of the pandemic for now. Because it could have been much worse.

We just have too see. Never give up and continue on. A luta Continua. Never give up. Never give in. Have hope for a better tomorrow and not let COVID-19 win. Peace.

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