Burundi: Plans to send the “Verification Squad” into Quarantine to after the polls

The CNDD-FDD and the appointed CENI have all together concocted this and ensured that this could happen. They have ensured that the East African Community Election Observation Mission to Burundi would end up in Quarantine. Since its not there and has not yet been scheduled to arrive according to letters released. They are ensuring that the observer mission from the EAC will earliest, if they travel today be off the hook days after the polls.

That is a smart move. They will not see the polling stations, will not see the initial drop of ballots nor the tactics used by government to get people to vote. They can do it all without foreigners intervening. Because, there is no other EOM in the Republic at that time. There is talk of a few CSOs, but these local ones will not bully or unlock it all. As they want to have a ability to work after the polls too.

This game is rigged, that is why its campaigning during the COVID-19 or Coronavirus. Where huge rallies are held by both CNDD-FDD and CNL. However, we know the game is ready and the ruling regime will continue their hold of the country. As activists and leaders of CNL is intimidate or sudden gone missing.

There is even talks of weird sudden deaths appearing, which could be COVID-19, as there is no extensive testing nor protocol of a lockdown, as the elections are going as scheduled. The spread is maybe happening within the crowds at rallies. Who knows how bad it really is and what it does to the community.

The polls, the results and everything else is already ticked off. The State is running it clockwork. That is why they are lucky to have no observer or mission looking into the legal remedies, nor the practical organizations of the elections or the legitimacy as a whole. They don’t have safari teams from the African Union, European Union, Commonwealth, EAC nor IGAD. There are no foreign mission doing it. The authorities are free to hold the elections and no one else saying a word.

So, the 20th May 2020 can go down without any interference, any questions or even some eagle eyes scoping the possible breaches of trust and credibility of the affairs. The Safari teams from abroad can only, if they will be quarantined to over the polls and can only travel across the Republic when the counting is presiding and look over the procedural things. They cannot see how they did it or what they did. The ballots can be toyed around with or the security organizations can intimidate people to vote a certain way.

What we do know is that CNDD-FDD and its allies are happy with this. They are making the world blind to the affair. They cannot state or have options to look into it. The government can do as they please. Its that easy, we know that the (s)elected leader of CNDD-FDD will win. Evariste Ndayishimiye will be next President and that on the blessing of Nkurunziza. Who surely will reign in his shadow. He didn’t battle and conquer all his enemies to retire.

So, the only foreign verification squad or safari-group will be in quarantine, if they are even coming from the EAC. It seems like the scope, the amount of people nor the EOM itself isn’t structured and therefore, soon a fishing expedition to get it done in time.

CNDD-FDD gets their way and no one will see it. The Watchmen is stuck in quarantine, while they can boil all the numbers without a question. No one seeing it and no one reporting on it. If they do, they will get into trouble as this regime doesn’t spare lives nor anyone who questions it. That’s why this government will secure their result by all means. Nkurunziza and Ndayishimiye will not accept that. Peace.

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