Keeping up with Kaguta S1E13: Another 14 days of Lockdown

Well, it is about that time. Well, the President, the Fountain of Honour, the bravest men of the all and the last Pan-African Hero (if you believe his son Muhoozi). Is back at it again. This time not on schedule, because he thinks everyone can wait for him during the imposed lockdown. Since, no one dares to boil chai or matooke while this man is on Telly or broadcast on the local radio station.

Like the previous editions of these National Addresses, whose way to long to our concern and has to much trash talk from the old man with the hat. The only man with a vision. I will only take my favourite quotes and digest them. Before calling it a day.

Quotes of this late evening:

What needs to be done is for our granddaughters to keep away from the drivers” – Museveni (04.05.2020).

Very soon, Uganda will be exporting sanitizers. Because you have always been having Waragi, killing you, now it’s going to be used to make sanitizers” – Museveni (04.05.2020).

Runyankore Proverb: ‘Owayangire kugojegyera ngu otarota’

Translation: You can’t refuse to sleep for the fear of bad dreams” – Museveni (04.05.2020).

Warehouses are vital for storing of factory products, they will be allowed to operate. Students should first stay at home. I am more comfortable with them being at home than going to school with these kinds of situations” – Museveni (04.05.2020).

Nobody who is coughing or sneezing should be allowed to mix with others. All the other measures will stay in place for 14 more days” – Museveni (04.05.2020).

All we are asking banks and landlords to do is reschedule loan payment, not forgive them. The government will not tolerant such inconsiderate actions of not reconsidering loans” – Museveni (04.05.2020).

So I am done for the night, the importance thing is that the lockdown is extended for the third time for 14 more days. This is from Wednesday. Therefore, the days with lockdown get’s close to two months as we are ticking into 45 days or so in my calculation.

Also, as we are seeing, the President is opening up the Republic. However, slow and soft. Who is wholesaling? Who is the essential mechanic? I don’t know, but Jason Statham isn’t around to verify whose the shooter and whose fixing the Land Rover. What we do see, is that the President is really vulnerable about the lorry drivers and their sexual affections towards the ladies. Its like a personal obsession at this point. What’s up with that?

He also went deep with the Runyankore proverb today. As the COVID-19 shouldn’t stop you from sleeping, but continue to live. Also, the opening of hardware-shops, restaurants for take-away and whole-sale. Not to forget the mechanics and the carpenters. Clearly a sign of less restrictions. However, when these people are crossing the LDUs, the Police Officers and whatnot. Will them get a pass or need a certificate? Since he cars of essential drivers needs that these days. So, how will this be enforced?

Let’s see how this goes. There is so much said in a speech like this, but not much to take from it. Only wondering, if the state will continue to deliver food and at what level. Since this is the third one of these and it only bites more with time. The hit gets harder and the lack of security is ever present. Peace.

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