Opinion: Magufuli wants COVID-19 to vanish into thin-air

This is it how it seems. This is an illusion and nothing is real. The world is a smokescreen and we’re on a stage performing for the master. We are all puppets and a theatre for the elites, for the 1 % of he world and the ones who are the imperialists. We are all just tools in their game of Monopoly.

If not the President of the United Republic of Tanzania wishes he was the star of Science Fiction franchise. Where he is the President whose always right. Who can use any means to stay in power. Make Unification Day into Military Parade, make Opposition leaders and activists barred from the public or arrested. If not use his ability to pull ranks to sack whoever makes him look bad.

With that in mind, the President who wants to look strong, be a big-man and be feared as such. President Magufuli wants that look. However, at his very moment his weak. It’s like he wants the global pandemic to vanish. He wants so far gone.

That’s why he haven’t acted upon it. Not like the way he does with his enemies or the ones slacking in their public offices. Because, if this virus had been an opposition leader he fears. He would have sent it to the Courts. Charged it with money laundering and let the virus linger in jail in-definitely. However, it is a virus and cannot be contained in that way.

That’s why the President has held prayer rallies, said the borders cannot be closed and neither a proper lockdown. MPs are dying. People are being buried in the night and the rising numbers of cases should worry the President. Instead he questions the methods, the tests and if it is real.

The chemist Magufuli questions the tests and its results. Yes, there been inefficiencies with tests and some has shown wrong. What you then do, is to retest and see if you get similar results with other kits. Then the state procure other kits and ensure the security of the citizens. As prominent people are dying and the President knows this.

All of this hurts his re-election campaign. This here strikes to the heart of power. As the President looks like the weak praying uncle who cannot figure out how to date a woman and becomes a loner with snakes. That is how this President looks. That he goes into buying CVO – Tambvy as a remedy from Madagascar. Only shows that his all going blind on faith and not on scientifically results anymore.

The President wants to live the life, be the successful and remembered Head of State. He will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. His legacy will be tarnished. The public sure wished they had a capable guy with some wit who could release them from this toll. However, his instead playing table tennis with his balls instead of actually acting upon the COVID-19.

Magufuli could have acted, done proper testing and ensured people not loosing their lives. He could have enforced rules on social distancing and secured the public. However, he rather risk that on a dare. Using tests of goats and papayas as a sign of misfortune and deceit. Nevertheless, the President is deceiving himself, but also his supporters too.

We know now that Magufuli really wants this vanish into thin-air. He just want it to go away. His dreaming it away, praying and living on a dare. However, that is not the method. The President should look to South Korea and elsewhere for signs for how to battle it. Instead, his day-dreaming hoping it will be gone as quickly as it appeared.

Only the mere immortals would dare that. The rest of us just have to wake up and smell the coffee. Peace.

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