Keeping up with Kaguta S1E12: It’s a Stupid Virus and don’t let the daughters touch the drivers…

Twelfth Time the charm, I suppose. As the President of Uganda is addressing his nation. I will not look into it all, neither dig to deep. Just take the gist of it all, as this thing is getting old. This is the second lockdown period and surely he will micro-manage some more and someone has pick up the slack tomorrow. Someone has make press releases and configure whatever the President said today. They will call it a Presidential Directive, but God knows where it is written.

So, with this in mind. I will just take a few favourable quotes. Since, to breakdown this speech is a waste of time and take the best and memorable quotes from him. Because, even if we are under lockdown, in quarantine or staying at home. We still want to spend that time with loved ones and not listening to the old man with the hat or trying to understand the “brilliance” or “vision” from this man.

Best quotes of the evening:

In the remaining days our experts are going to study more. Either our people are not getting sick or our people are dying” – Museveni (28.04.2020).

There is a possibility that there are no new cases. It could also be that people are getting infected but don’t get sick. It means they are getting immunity. 3rd possibility is people are dying but people don’t know it’s COVID19” – Museveni (28.04.2020).

Farmers should continue. This Virus is also stupid in a way. It is attacking people who are concentrated. It forgot that there are those who are not concentrated and yet the most useful” – Museveni (28.04.2020).

Stopping cargo is suicidal and unnecessary,it is suicidal because if we stop cargo how will our coffee, cement, Sugar,Milk etc be transported to our neighboring countries” – Museveni (28.04.2020).

Our daughters, tokwata ku driver oyo ate driver takukwatako. (don’t touch the cargo driver and don’t allow him to touch you)” – Museveni (28.04.2020).

I have been in statehouse here for 34 years but I have never bought even a toilet paper because it is not my job. There is a purchasing officer” – Museveni (28.04.2020).

Not that he said anything significant today or noteworthy. He mentioned how he was viewing the East Africa as a house. Uganda as the bedroom, Tanzania and Kenya as the Sitting-room. But we don’t know what Rwanda, Burundi or South Sudan is this manner. I don’t have the perfect quote, but he did that too tonight. Which is weird one in itself.

However, the rest is very standard. Just broad stories, which isn’t directing people, but just what he wants to talk about. Like the stupid virus who get spread in crowds, but on the countryside. Where the people are further between and farming the land. They are not as hard hit as the urban areas. Just like COVID-19 is hitting the capitals and metropolis of the world. That is why in his mind its stupid.

His then speaking of suicide to stop cargo-transport and also how drivers of those cargoes should not touch girls. Because, in sense he doesn’t want the drivers to be close to his citizens, but only transport goods and move along. Not be intimate or close to Ugandans. Because, the drivers are passing through and could bring the disease and therefore, the way of stopping the spread is not touching. Paternalism is a strong force with this one.

Well, if you thought you would get enlighten. You were apparently wrong. Well, that’s about it. He will come back for another edition or episode before the lockdown. As he has a comprehensive plan. He could have given a memo on that and not held a two hour speech. With little or nothing worth noting. Unless, this is a ego boost for the old man. Bosco aka Mzee wants the public to hear his voice and cough.

This was a waste of time. Peace.

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