Zaake MP is the Patient Zero of Injustice

Member of Parliament, People Power Youth Leader Francis Zaake who was arrested on the 19th April and since then not released from custody. Having pains in arms and legs, generalized blunt forced trauma and chemical conjunctivitis. It is so severe hurt that he was to be referred from Iran Uganda Patients Referral Hospital to St. Francis Nsambya Hosptial for futher treatment. However, that didn’t happen, instead he had a hogwash of a day as the authorities wants to continue to punish him. 

The Police Force have worked continuously to downplay the aftermath of the efforts made to Zaake. As his hospitalized after their arrest on the 19th April 2020. We are now over a week and he has to change hospitals to get the care he needs.

The investigations upon his arrest were expeditiously conducted, and the charges were accordingly sanctioned by the Director of the Public Prosecutions. Unfortunately at the time he was to be produced to Court, Hon. Zaake through his lawyers complained of ill health, which prompted the Police to have him examined. Indeed an examination was conducted by the Uganda Police Medical team in the presence of his Lawyers, personal Doctors as well as his dear wife, where by the team unanimously agreed of some treatment to be extended to him. Hon. Zaake is currently undergoing treatment at Iran –Uganda Hospital Naguru and he is very conscious and in stable conditions” (Uganda Police Force, 24.04.2020).

So, they are really seriously not taking it serious. They are not taking charge, no one in their rational mind get blunt force trauma out of nowhere. That happens when someone get stabbed, kicked or in a car accident. It is a severe hit to the body, which creates bodily harm and can be fatal if its done to certain areas of the body. The Iran-Uganda Hospital didn’t mention where on the body Zaake have the blunt forced trauma. Certainly, it will be hurting and need treatment.

chemical conjunctivitis is the “pink eye” or means that he either got smoke, liquids, fumes or chemicals in the eyes. This means someone administered and put it in his eyes. That is the reason why Zaake is struggling to open his eyes. So, the man who didn’t have this issue before this address. Means the Police Force did something and it causing concern now, as it is not a mild one, which would have been caused by chlorine in a swimming-pool. Not like he was swimming in the pen.

What’s even more special today, as he was moved from one hospital to another. While the Police Force is downplaying it and saying its nothing. Wonder if this happen to one of their own and even Fred Enaga got this treatment. Would someone lie and say it was nothing too?

Well, what was more special than the common lies of the Police Force. Was the at Nakawa Court order Zaake on Bail. However, the same Police Force took him to Mityana Court and ordered him to be in the Hospital. While the second court ordered that, the Police Force took him back to SIU Kireka. So, the more treatment is suspended then?

The moving from Iran-Uganda Hospital to St. Francis Nsambya Hospital was just a facade from the authorities. Instead, they are sending him back to the wolfs who already beaten him and put some sort of chemical in his eyes? Because that is the treatment he needs, apparently. So, the referred order from Iran-Uganda Hospital was pointless, as he went from between two courts and ended up where he started. Back to the ones who harm him. Such a noble move of the authorities.

Right now, Zaake is the Patient Zero. The man whose the sole benefactor of the pain and suffering of the Republic. Because, he had the audacity to feed the hungry of Mityana district. Peace.

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