Lesotho: The Prime Minister who wanted to move mountains

Prime Minister Thomas Thabane who has already ran away from a murder case of his Ex-Wife. A case that is not resolved in the Court. A Prime Minister who yesterday lost another court case in the Constitutional Court. Where his order to prorogue the Parliament was nullified. There was also reports of the arrested of Police Commissioner Holomo Molibeli.

This is all in connection with the court case pending the murder trial, one that the PM surely working hard to get forgotten and dismissed too. That is why he has arrested the Police Commissioner who ordered and ensured the case had life.

What we also seeing is during the lockdown the army has been put into the streets. The army has been ordered to remain order and restore institutions. This is happening as the PM is losing in Courts. That is surely an open challenge to the rule of law and his authority.

Since the PM can order as the Executive and Head of State could order the army to this. That is why eyewitnesses saw rmy commander Mojalefa Letsoela arrest Commissioner Molibeli. This is all because the PM is entrenched.

We know that the PM has no issues to take life and try to get away with it. That is why he has no trouble ordering the army to seal his deal. He wants to keep power and not be troubled by anyone. That is why its easier to intimidate the public with the soldiers on the street and the ones who abide by laws. Will get into trouble, because the laws is only an obstacle, but someone who does whatever it takes to get what he wants

PM Thabane has no scruples. He will use all means to have power and apparently misuse it for personal gains. This is the day after the loss in Courts. He had to order the soldiers and arrest an enemy. A enemy which is there to secure the operation of the Police. That says a lot of mind of Thabane.

The Prime Minister will move mountains, he will make them dance, but only for his glory. The PM has only his self interest and his gains out of this. These actions made is to silence and stop the ones questioning his involvement in the murder of his ex-wife. This is not done, because he wants to secure institutions nor the rule of law. If he believed in rule of law, he would have showed up and answer for the evidence in the trial of the ex-wife. Which he has deflected by all means possible.

He will play sick and aloof, but now in office his fresh enough to order the soldiers on the streets of Lesotho. That is the sort of man and his behaviour only amplifies his motives, which is not for the greater good, but only selfish interests. Peace.

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