Opinion: MPs Shs. 23m money pit for “Advocacy Funds”

There is always a moment to eat. There is never enough spoils for some. The Ugandan legislators or the Members of Parliament in the 10th Parliament always see a moment to gain more cash. The COVID-19 or Coronavirus is no different. Just another moment to short-change society.

The MPs used their Plenary Session in the midst of lockdown, the second round of lockdown is starting. That is what they are up too. Instead of finding solutions to solve the crisis or funding for the operations during the lockdown. Because the state has started a donation fund for the Emergency. They should have been concerned with the spending and where the money has come from.

Instead, they all find a way of getting fresh suits or ties. The MPs seems to be busy finding ways to cater their plate in the midst of the lockdown, instead of helping to solve the crisis itself. This advocacy fund is mismanaged. This is greedy. This is outrageous.

Here is the simple math on the 10 billion shillings Speaker Rebecca Kadaga told the world about today. Here is my calculation.

Amount of MPs

Advocacy Funds



Shs. 23m

Shs 10bn

The MPs are giving themselves about 23 million shillings. This is simple money, they cannot campaign, cannot rally or do anything. Only pocket the funds. Because, all activity is banned. All transport and anything. They cannot stand on the street-corner like a street preacher.

No they are no allowed and therefore, the “advocacy” is useless. Unless, this is an enrichment scheme, which makes sense. They are getting more wealth, as well as they have plenary sessions. They are sitting earning funds and this way capable of getting allowance without any issues. The Parliament isn’t suspended or in recess. No, they are still active.

This is greed and nothing else. As they are asking for funds elsewhere. They are spending funds on themselves, instead of investing in health-care and medicines. Peace.

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