Opinion: Mzee’s training video only exposes his grandeur and not his brilliant exercise regime

If anyone in the team and associates around President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni thought the 2 minutes training video from his office in the State House was a brilliant idea. They should be fired, if not handled and learn a lesson. Because this clip is foolish and a POINT BLANK joke at best.

That he was running from one-side to the other side of the room. After a minute of that, than he was doing a bunch a push-ups on the carpet. It’s all cool enough, but no-one calls that exercise or training. There was no direct instruction. Neither any value. The President could have just pointed out to training instructors on Youtube or Facebook who would have done the bidding.

The only thing this video shown was how much space the man has in his office. How big of a desk. How marvellous everything in near proximity. Because, the share area of his office is bigger than most houses. You could have the pantry, kitchen, toilet, living-room and a bedroom. All in the space of the office he was running back-and-fourth in.

We did not learn any new techniques of training in smaller spaces, which would be what the ordinary public has. Since, no one except the elites has that amount of space to do their training within their own quarters. The President should know this, the ghettos, the village housing and so fourth isn’t as big as his office. That is just a mere reality.

He should have considered that before filming. Running like a crazy maniac. Running like the roadrunner wall to wall. This didn’t make him neither smart nor brilliant. Instead, this video exposed his ignorance to the plights of his citizens. That he doesn’t care that people have less space and lacks the ability to do what he does.

It is fine to see an old man, of advanced age have the ability to move like he does and that his fit to do push-ups. Very good for you Mr. President. However, this video, this video-clip didn’t do you any good. Only make you look like a ignorant fool. Which is never a good move. Your handlers are mocking you. They are exposing you and I think you doesn’t get that.

However, your own words and actions are showing it too. Therefore, your playing a game you cannot win. This isn’t a battle in the bush, in the Parliament or with political shadow-games. This is the mere reality, the facts. That he should have had someone who has a training studio together with him in a small space. Make a video together and then put it out.

This was useless flex, only pointing out his wealth and his giant office space. Peace.

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